Excel VBA Online Training

Learn Microsoft Excel Automation Online Training Using Visual Basic Application Programming. 

This MS Excel VBA Online course is for Microsoft Excel Advanced users. Who uses Microsoft Excel for their day to day activities for creating various reports and dashboards. Users can automate any repeated tasks with the help of VBA macros.
VBA enables the user to automate any task/procedure used in Microsoft excel.

Technovids Excel Macros training will take participants from the basics of programming concepts to the advanced automation techniques in Excel VBA Macros. VBA Training duration would be approximately 30 hours of live training sessions designed to cater to most of the Microsoft Excel Power users’ requirements.

Course highlights:

MS Excel VBA Online Course
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This Excel VBA training course will show you just how to gain the majority of the programming possibilities in Excel.


What You'll Learn from MS Excel VBA Online course

Course Content

      • What is VBA?
      • Introduction to Macro Recordings, IDÉ
      • Using Excel Macro Recorder
      • Recording and Running Macros in different ways
      • Creating a Module and Renaming it
      • Advantages and Disadvantages
      • Absolute and Relative Referencing
      • Developer Tab options and Ribbons
      • Creating Form Control buttons and assigning macros to it


      • Working in the Visual Basic Editor
      • Launching VBA and Editor and different VBA Components
      • VBA Sub and Function Procedures
      • Commenting code within VBA Code
      • Creating a user defined function
      • Calling functions and sub-procedures
      • VBA Objects
      • What are MsgBoxandInputBoxoptions
      • Object Properties
      • Workbook and Worksheet Events


      • Essential VBA Language Elements
      • What are Variables and how to Declare Variables
      • Scope and Lifetime of variables
      • Methods and Properties of Objects
      • Using Excel functions into VBA and functions explicit to VBA.
      • Finding Last row and last row using VBA
      • Referencing and navigating between sheets and workbooks
      • Inserting, deleting, moving, renaming, hiding, un-hiding and copying using VBA
      • Activate and Select
      • Range and Cells Object
      • Offset Property and Resize Property
      • Last Cell and Current Region Property
      • Union and Intersection Methods
      • Naming Ranges
      • Using the Name property of Range Object
      • Working with Named Ranges in VBA
      • Determining which Names overlapping Ranges
      • Controlling Program Flow and Decision Making – IF, If Else, Else if, Select Case Statement
      • Using Loops- For loops, For each loop, Do Until, Do While
      • Automatic Procedures and Events
      • Error-Handling Techniques and Bug Extermination Techniques
      • VBA Programming Examples
      • Simple Dialog Boxes
      • UserForm Basics
      • Using UserForm Controls
      • UserForm -Techniques and Tricks
      • Creating different types of Userforms using Form Controls
      • Accessing Your Macros through the User Interface
      • Establishing the Connection
      • Opening a Document in Word Accessing an Active Word Document
      • Creating a New Word Document
      • Interacting Excel with Outlook
      • Opening and writing to Text files
      • File System Objects
      • Creating Files and Folders, Copying and moving files using FSO
      • Workbook Events with examples
      • Worksheet Events with examples
      • Triggering an event without running a macro
      • Chart Sheets
      • The Recorded Macro
      • Adding a Chart Sheet Using VBA Code
      • Embedded Charts Using the Macro Recorder
      • Adding an Embedded Chart Using VBA Code
      • Defining Chart Series with Arrays
      • Converting a Chart to Use Arrays
      • Determining the Ranges Used in a Chart
      • Chart Labels
      • Creating and Interacting with Pivot tables using VBA

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Technovids provides the most comprehensive and updated Microsoft Excel Macros/VBA Training in Bangalore. We conduct a VBA class in Marthahalli Bangalore Bangalore and VBA Training in Vasanth Nagar, Cunningham road Bangalore.

Our Expert Trainer has designed Excel Macros Training Course as per the Industry standard, so that soon after completing your course, you will be able to attend an interview for most of the job related to Microsoft Excel VBA for automation skills in different industries like Analytics, Banking, Retail, FMCG, Human Resource, etc.
Technovids Excel Macros / VBA Training program is designed for everyone, if you are new to Microsoft Excel Macros, you can start learning Microsoft Excel.

Macros Class from Fundamentals to intermediate level, and if you are a basic user of Excel Macros then you can join our Advanced Excel Macros Training classes. You will learn all VBA Programming of Microsoft Excel for Report Automation Preparing a Dashboard, tool development, Database connection, connecting to outlook and other applications.

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For delivering any Training it is obvious that Trainer must have Sound knowledge in Subject and also should adopt the excellent training Methodology so that he/she can reach to learner’s expectation. We at Technovids choose the handpicked Microsoft Excel Macros /VBA Trainers whether it is Excel VBA classroom or VBA online classes. Our all Excel VBA trainers are good in All advanced concepts of Excel Macros and also having 8-10 years of working experience in the industry. Other than Excel and VBA Macros they are also having knowledge in other data analysis tools like R Data Science, python Tableau, Qlikview or Power BI. In the case of Microsoft Excel VBA Macros Corporate Training which we deliver at various major cities of India like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, we have the pool of trainers at all these locations with excellent training skills of taking classes for a team.

As per expert Advice, working Knowledge in Advanced Excel is gateway to the ocean of opportunities in multiple industries, you can start a good career with Microsoft Excel, Later on you can upgrade your skills in relevant field, As per the industry views Excel user who is having 6 months or more experience in Microsoft Excel Advanced would opt for Excel Automation Techniques by learning VBA Programming or also known as Excel Macros. Other than Excel Macros if you are not very much fond off doing coding, then you can learn Data Visualization like Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, QlikView. You will also have a choice to go for Data Science field by upgrading yourself with R and Python for Data Science.

If you are a power user of Microsoft Advanced excel and doing repeated activities daily like cleaning up hundreds of tables in the workbook, Trying to create an interactive Dashboard or want to connect external application or data bases like outlook or SQL then definitely you need VBA Programming skills in Excel, you can even do more things using Excel VBA.
Technovids Excel Macros/ VBA Training will help you to learn and implement Macros/ VBA for Microsoft Excel. VBA is Powerful programming in Microsoft Office, which is capable to perform and operations that any office Suite user can perform using mouse keyboard or a dialog box.

Join VBA Classroom Training in Marthahalli Bangalore and VBA Training Cunningham Road Vasanthanagar .

As a part of the VBA/Macros training course, you must be learning programming concepts to excel from scratch. Some of the key take away are listed below:

      • Process Automation
      • Tool Development – Excel
      • Report Generation Automation
      • Eliminate Manual Process/Manual Interaction
      • Organize & manage data easily using the tool
      • Excel Based Automation
      • Organizing data into Multiple workbooks/worksheets
      • Automation of Import/Export utility
      • Dynamic Pivot Tables
      • Dynamic Charts.
      • Interaction to Databases (MS-Access, SQL Server, etc.)
      • Interaction of Applications (eg: PowerPoint, Outlook, Word)
      • Automate the Sending of e-mail (Download attachment, send file, etc.)
      • Eliminate Manual Process/Manual Interaction.
      • Automate complex analysis easily.
      • Existing Excel users who want to become an Excel power user by getting into the automation part of Excel.
      • People with a diversified learning background with the aim of making their career into Analytics can go for this training.
      • Also, this can be done by Excel users who are looking for the next step into excel that is automation in Excel.
      • VBA Macros training would help users to automate their daily usage task – consuming a lot of times repeating the same process.
      • Reporting becomes easier with the usage of VBA Macros.
      • Reduces Process Time.
      • User-Friendly tool.
      • Cost-effective report.
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