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“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”
― Henry Ford

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Our process

Schedule planning

Schedule planning considering the resource availability at the client end.

Lab Setup

Lab setup & infrastructure support for the required training.

Post training support

Post-training supports for a limited period, depending upon contract.

Assessment planning

Share the Initial proposal considering the requirement discussed.

Requirement gathering

Understand the client’s requirements & connect with the technical team.

Initial Proposal

Share the Initial proposal considering the requirement discussed.

Client interaction

Share the Initial proposal considering the requirement discussed.

Assessment planning

Share the Initial proposal considering the requirement discussed.

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Technovids Corporate Training for an organization's growth.

Corporate Training is among the most prominent investments an organization can make. Training helps to secure competitive advantage and the organization’s growth. As corporate training has become an important aspect of any business. Planning the type of training should also become an integral part of that business strategy. Training is a superb method to boost knowledge and boost staff morale. It offers an enormous competitive advantage for any business. Corporate training, as its name suggests, focuses on subjects that essentially train Participants for various forms of corporate responsibilities. Corporate training is vital and hence it is surely essential to be sure that a large part of the officials go through the normal company training, while they are working and the calendar years follow. Effective corporate training is quite essential as it always helps employees learn and deliver the desired results expected from them during their tenure. Training also helps an organization to cater to various aspects of human resource functions like Performance improvement, logical thinking, motivation, capability enhancement by learning new technology or the technology needed for the ongoing project, etc.

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Corporate training for employee skills is not merely crucial for improving skills linked to their precise field, but also improving skills regarding interpersonal and communication.

Corporate training can be technical as well as non-technical. An Organization can opt for the training as per their need. Every organization requires some or other kind of Technological corporate training or soft skills training. Soft skills training is required for all levels of employees. The Pattern of the training differs as per the experience level & designation of the employee, he/she holds in the organization.

Corporate Training is an integral part that requires a huge amount of investment in the organization. So Cost is an important factor which needs to be well planned by companies. Large size companies can easily afford any budget, but for small and mid-size companies, cost becomes a challenge. So to overcome these challenge companies have the option to outsource their corporate training requirement to various learning partners basis on the criteria like availability of the resource, costing, reachability & response time.

Corporate training outsourcing can help companies to get project requirements achieved with no recurring expense, no recurring maintenance cost of the required faculty and other related infrastructure expenses. So, in short, we can say, training, outsourcing is a win-win situation for all.

Corporate training companies maintain the pool of resources required for Technological training or for Soft skills training. Most of these resources are well experienced real-time working people hired by corporate training companies to cater to the client’s requirement.

A best corporate training company follow the below-mentioned process:

We follow the process to understand our clients need deeply.

  • Initial discussion with the client to understand the requirement.
  • Propose the Course outline suitable to the requirement discussed
  • Organize the discussion/meeting to understand the exact need and update the content to make it the right fit.
  • Pre and Post training evaluation needs to be taken care depending on the need of the organization.
  • Training schedules, planning basis on the mutual availability of employees and trainer.
  • Arrangement of the required lab setup
  • Arrangement of the other logistics like training room availability, Travel, food, etc.
  • Training delivery as per the schedule
  • Sharing of study material
  • Award the certificate
  • Post training support, Again, depending on the need of an organization.

The Success of corporate training companies lies mainly on the quality services & support provided. Technovids consulting focus on delivering the quality training along with pre and post-training support which add value to the organization to get a good ROI against the investment made.

Technovids always hires the best available faculties ranging from the experience of 10-20 years, depending on the technology to technology, Also we always try to reduce the chances of any kind of errors or gap in the communication.

In case of any escalation, the team responds to the same on urgent basis & takes the required action, which makes us different from the other training providers.

Yes, we always customize the content as per the client’s requirement. Every time we share the initial content and then the basis on the client’s input we customize the content for them. Content customization is done until the client’s confirmation.

Corporate training rate depends on various factors like Training required, no people, location, content to be covered, etc. The training budget is discussed and shared in advance and the concerned team is always open to discuss and tries to fit into the allotted budget.

Our clients say

We have over ten years of experience with top business professionals

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Kevin Bray

Matrixo CEO & Founder

My day to day work requires me to be on top of business affairs worldwide. This is where the offices of Shuster & Shuster help me out.

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Melina Matsoukas

DOBL Customer Manager

As a representative of the law offices of Simon Brinks, I get all my professional advice from Mr Shuster himself. What an inspiration!

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