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Microsoft Power BI training is designed for Microsoft Excel power users who are ever trying to dig out insights from ever-growing piles of data.


Microsoft Excel has been an evergreen tool For Data Analysis; Data Management is now more powerful with its office365 suite power Bi. Microsoft Power BI Training helps the user do data discovery, data visualization, and collaboration.


Technovids Microsoft Power BI training includes extensive hands-on Microsoft Power BI training on Power Pivot, Power Query, Power View, and Power Maps.

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What You'll Learn from

Microsoft Power BI Training Course?

Course Agenda

  • Get Power BI Tools
  • Introduction to Tools and Terminology
  • Dashboard in Minutes
  • Refreshing Power BI Service Data 
  • Interacting with your Dashboards
  • Sharing Dashboards and Reports
  • Introduction to Power BI Desktop
  • Getting Data: Excel vs Power BI Desktop & Service
  • Data Structure for Q&A
  • DirectQuery vs Import Data
  • Introduction to Modeling
  • Setup and Manage Relationships
  • Cardinality and Cross Filtering 
  • Default Summarization & Sort by 
  • Creating DAX Calculated Columns 
  • Creating DAX Measures
  • Creating Visualizations
  • Color Formatting 
  • Setting Sort Order
  • Scatter & Bubble Charts & Play Axis
  • Tooltips
  • Slicers & Timeline Slicers
  • Cross Filtering and Highlighting 
  • Visual, Page and Report Level Filters 
  • Drill Down/Up
  • Hierarchies
  • Reference/Constant Lines
  • Tables, Matrices & Conditional Formatting
  • KPI’s, Cards & Gauges Map Visualizations 
  • Custom Visuals
  • Managing and Arranging
  • Introduction 
  • Standalone Tiles 
  • Data-Driven Alerts
  • Quick and Related Insights
  • Custom Q&A questions 
  • Introduction
  • Sharing Options Overview
  • Publish from Power BI Desktop 
  • Publish to Web
  • Share Dashboard with Power BI Service
  • My Workspace vs Groups
  • Content Packs
  • Print or Save as PDF
  • Row Level Security
  • Export Data from a Visualization 
  • Publishing for Mobile Apps
  • Export to PowerPoint
  • Sharing Options Summary
  • Understanding Data Refresh
  • Personal Gateway Replacing 
  • A Dataset Troubleshooting
  • Refreshing
  • Options for Publishing from Excel
  • Pin Excel Elements to Power BI
  • Connect to Data using Power BI Publisher/Analyze in Excel
  • Excel 2016 Publish: Upload and Export to Power BI
  • Sharing Published Excel Dashboards

More Information about Microsoft Power BI Training

Reason to learn  Microsoft Power BI Training?​


Microsoft Power BI Training helps Business Analysts, Business Intelligence Managers, Statisticians & Analysts, Project Managers, and Data Scientists to visualize and share insights from their organizations’ data.


Microsoft Power BI Training provides interactive visualizations with self-service business intelligence capabilities, where end users can create reports and dashboards by themselves, without having to depend on any information from Reporting staff or database administrators.


Microsoft Power BI provides cloud-based BI services – known as Power BI Services and a desktop-based interface – called Power BI desktop. It offers Data modeling capabilities, including data preparation, discovery, and interactive dashboards.


In the Microsoft Power BI Training, you begin by learning about the architecture and components of Power BI along with Power Query and Power Pivot.


You will learn about Data Visualization with Power BI Desktop, Power View, and Power Map. Along with the process of visualization, you will learn about Power BI Q&A and how the users can discover, explore and visualize their enterprise.


Microsoft Power BI Training also covers the Power BI Administration for the deployment of files and building dashboards on the Power BI Website. Microsoft Power BI training has been designed for Microsoft Excel power users who are ever trying to dig out insights from ever-growing piles of data.


Technovids Microsoft Power BI training includes extensive hands-on Microsoft Power BI training on Power Pivot, Power Query, Power View, and Power Maps.

Microsoft Power BI has Different Components for Data Preparation like Power Pivot, Pivot Query and for Data Visualization like Power View, Power Map.
microsoft power bi training

PowerPivot is featured for importing & integrating Data from various sources to create in-memory data Model. PowerPivot is a more powerful tool than old pivot tables in terms of more memory usage, which enables the user to use the much larger worksheet in size than the previous Microsoft Excel. On a 64-bit architecture, you can Power BI user can use an enormous amount of memory to process and manipulate the large size Data.  PowerPivot interface comes with some important features like “slice”, for drilling down the into the subsets of Data. Other important PowerPivot features like Data Analysis expression called DAX. It is one of the most powerful for BI Data Manipulation which includes interactive expression, Grouping, Linking, and filtering.

Power Query is another component of Microsoft Power BI for Data Preparation, which enables the user to perform merging data, rename columns, replace the value manipulate, transform, consolidate, enrich, merge and do much more with your data. It is a self-service Business Intelligence (BI) tool for Microsoft Excel which can discover m combine & refine the data from various sources Like RDBMS, structured and semi-structured, Data, web Hadoop Many more.

Power View is the Power BI Component for Data Visualization. Using power view Power you can create interactive charts, graphs, maps, and other visuals that bring your data to life.

In addition to graphs, charts, and table data, Power View also supports maps which can pan and zoom via integration with Bing Maps.  The easily interactive behavior of Power View is what makes it a big deal.

Power Map is a 3D mapping tool.  It is unique due to its ability to save scenes and play them over time on a tour. Power View is a great Alternative to the Excel Visualization Layer. In other words, Power View is a new type of Excel Chart with various enhanced capabilities which would make the life of an Analyst simple.

We have created the Detailed free Tutorial on Microsoft Power BI & its components.

We have created the Separate & Free Tutorial on Microsoft Power BI Storage Modes.

Power BI Storage Modes

Students Reviews

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Data Analyst
Read More
I Joined for Microsoft Power BI training with Technovids. I Must Say, it was an excellent Experience learning Power BI. Ashutosh, Power Trainer had a good hold on Data Visualization using Power BI & Tableau and other tools. Trainer Responded to all the queries during online Power BI sessions and assignments.
Mohan Rao
Mohan Rao
Senior Associate
Read More
I have done Microsoft Power BI Training from Technovids, Bangalore. The training was good with adequate facilities. I attended morning 7.30-8.30, before my office. Good quality Power BI Contents Delivered by the trainer. Thanks for your support.
Mihir Shrivastav
Mihir Shrivastav
BE Computer
Read More
Best Microsoft Power BI Training by Industry Professionals. The instructor, Nikhil, did a marvelous job. I liked the way he took the sessions; topics made simple to understand. I would like to recommend to join the course here for data visualization and Data Science.
Vivek Singh
Vivek Singh
MBA- Student
Read More
I joined Microsoft Power BI Training at Technovids Marathahalli branch in March 2020; while we're in the middle of the course, the lockdown announced due to the COVID pandemic. We were worried about how we would complete our training, but Technovids teams handled it very nicely, They conducted our remaining training through zoom meeting platform. It was as effective as the classroom session & we could complete the training as per the schedule.
John Mathew
John Mathew
Associate Data Analyst
Read More
I was trained on Microsoft Power BI Training by one of the notable trainer name Mr. Rana. He helped me complete the online training throughout the understanding. Classes were outstanding, even being from the non-technical background, I could learn it very fast with hands-on practical assignments provided by Technovids.
Prasanna Kumar
Prasanna Kumar
Banking & Investment
Read More
My friend suggested to me Technovids for doing any kind of Analytics training. I joined the Microsoft Power BI Training course; It was a great experience doing the Power BI Training from Technovids.
Pooja Singh
Pooja Singh
MIS Executive
Read More
Initially, I was skeptical about the Online Microsoft Power BI Training, while searching online, found Technovids. It was a great experience from attending a demo to the completion, good instructors, Excellent support & the best part - Lifetime access to the class recordings.
Jaspal Singh
Jaspal Singh
Information Architect
Read More
I have completed the Microsoft Power Bi training from Technovids, and I must say I feel very confident about the skills acquired. Faculties are excellent and experienced; I especially like the trainer who took great pain to see that all our queries were answered. I think he is the institute's best aspect as being to ask the question and clear up things.
Abhishek Sinha
Abhishek Sinha
Read More
I joined Technovids for learning MS Excel & Power BI. There were two different instructors for both the courses; both are equally competent & taught us every topic mentioned in the outline. I am through with Excel as well as Microsoft Power BI Training, Started working on Power BI Project, now I am much more confident & able to create expected reports.

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Get Microsoft Power BI Training in Bangalore.

Microsoft  Power BI Training has its advantages as you learn in a group, Will have a group class, Personalized human touch with participants and trainer. you gain knowledge from the trainer as well as from other participants.


Get Power BI Online Training at Flexible time.

Microsoft Power BI Online Training has its advantages as you learn from anywhere, Instructor-Led online Power BI classes are as good as classroom training. Assignment and Practice tests are shared for every topic; you also get the classroom recording for lifetime access.


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Online Fast-Track training.

It has its advantages as you complete Training fast with one-to-one trainer interaction. Fasttrack MS Power BI Training is delivered via classroom and online mode where you will attend long-hour customized Training as per your Requirement.


Microsoft Power BI Training at your location.

If you are looking to train your team in Microsoft Power BI, then we can help you deliver a fully customized Power BI Corporate Training by our expert trainers at your location. Also, we are good at providing team training through an online platform as well. 

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Microsoft Power BI provides interactive visualizations with self-service business intelligence capabilities where end users can create reports, and dashboards by themselves, without having to depend on any information from Reporting staff or database administrator.


Power BI is a straightforward tool; anyone who has a basic understanding of Excel can learn the Microsoft Power BI Training.


Learning Microsoft Power BI Training is recommended for anyone who works with massive data and handles many reporting tasks regularly.


Microsoft Power BI is one of the leading Business intelligence tools, gaining more and more popularity because of its ease to access, sharing capabilities, and economical pricing.

– Any graduate interested in BI and Data Visualization can do the Microsoft Power BI Training.

– Working professionals looking for a transition to an Analytics career can opt for the Microsoft Power BI Training.

– Working professionals or managers who want to Create Reports and Interactive Dashboards in their work for decision-making can opt for the Microsoft Power BI Training.

– Corporate training – Corporates who want to train their employees on Power BI can opt for the Microsoft Power BI Training.

– Students who want to start their career in Business Intelligence can enroll in the Microsoft Power BI Training.

Technovids always focus upon the high quality of Training with the experienced faculties carrying decades of real-time work experience that enables them to provide better exposure towards the Microsoft Power BI Training to expert level.


Technovids has designed the Microsoft Power BI Training with the comprehensive and updated course content customized as per industrial needs. Soon after completing your online Training, you will be able to kick start your career in different industries like Analytics, Banking, Retail, FMCG, Human resources, etc.

Technovids always follow the philosophy of delivering training, creating value & difference to once a career. We handpick one of the industry’s best well-experienced Power BI trainers to provide the Microsoft Power BI Training.

There are no specific educational criteria to join the Power BI training Classes. Anyone who has a basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel and keen to learn Advanced Data Visualisation and Business Intelligence can do the Power BI training online or classroom mode as per there preference & availability.

After completion of Power BI training, you will have a better understanding of Data Visualization, able to create insightful reports as every visualization has its own importance.

      • You will be able to create the reports much effectively.
      • Enable you to share the data with the desired audience.
      • Learn the connection of Power BI with various data sources.

Power BI is a collection of software services, apps, and connectors that work together to turn your unrelated data sources into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights. Your data may be an Excel spreadsheet or a collection of cloud-based and on-premises hybrid data warehouses.

Power BI is one of the most competitive data visualization products which is growing vertically day by day.
As a part of this course, we prepare participants with all the basic concepts of the tool and prepare them to create the desired dashboard. The core of this training is also to prepare participants to understand if what particular graph need to be used in which situation.
The session would be a mix of theory and hands-on, Participants can also bring their data and can take assistance from the trainer to get the desired visualization.

Power BI training duration is 24 Hours, which is divided into 2 hours session per day Monday to Friday or 4 hours session of Sat & Sun.
In the case of corporate training, Power BI training is recommended for 3 full days (8 hours each session).

We have two types of classes available: Group classes & One to One class.

There will be a strength of up to 10 candidates in a group class. However, the one-to-one course is designed for the people comfortable for more attention individually and want more time flexibility than the group classes.

Course price depends on various factors like country. Also, there will be multiple offers available, so we would request you to contact us immediately; the concerned team will help you with the suitable course and pricing.

Every training is accompanied by a hands-on project. As a part of Power BI training, we cover at least 2 projects during the training. Apart from this, every concept is explained with the relevant example and suitable exercise, which helps participants to understand and execute fast.

The trainer will assist you with the details of Global Certification for Power BI. However, Technovids will be issuing the Training Completion Certificate to all the participants.

Nowadays because of the internet revolution most of us having access to high-speed internet & video conferencing, which ultimately help the eLearning gaining popularity.

Instructor-led Power BI Online Training (e-learning) can be the most convenient medium of learning from any part of the world. Power BI online classes are conducted using online software like, WebEx and gototraining. All these software provide a live instructor-led training classroom environment, where instructors and attendees can join the class from any part of the world that too without spending time on travel.

This is a highly advanced system where instructors and attendees can share their screen, two-way audio meetings and also whiteboards for online classes. Also, class recordings are one of the unique features that help the audience strengthen their learning. all tableau online sessions are recorded and will be shared with the attendees at the end of the session, so you can revise the session anytime.

Learn Power BI online with us:

Power BI online classes in Bangalore

Power BI online classes in Chennai

Power BI online classes in Delhi

Power BI online classes in Kolkata

Power BI online classes in London

Power BI online classes in Chicago

Power BI online classes in San Francisco

Power BI online classes in Dallas

Power BI online classes in Washington

Power BI online classes in New York

Power BI online classes in Boston

Power BI online classes in Singapore

Technovids is a state of art training institute for Data Science, Data Analytics and Data Visualization, we provide a wide range of online and classroom training for individuals and enterprise, like Data Science using R & python, Machine learning, Deep learning, SAS, Tableau, QlikView, Spotfire, Microstrategy. feel free to reach us for more details and current offers available.

Microsoft Power BI is easy to learn, and only basic excel knowledge is enough for anyone to know Power BI. Knowing SQL would be an added advantage.

It’s a functional tool, dont require much technical expertise. We have candidates from various backgrounds, at multiple levels starting from fresher to highly experienced working professionals.

Power BI can help in getting a good entry for the freshers also. It can help as one of the prominent tools once you are planning to upgrade in your career.

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