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QlikView Training for classroom & online mode will cover the Qlikview Developer and QlikView Designer modules. The Technovids QlikView training is designed for  30hrs. Our instructors will cover topics starting from introduction to QlikView right through to advanced topics like advanced data transformations, advanced expressions, set analysis and data visualization techniques. After Completion of this course, you will be well able to design and build your own enterprise level QlikView application by following desired user experience and best practices.

QlikView Data Visualization Training
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What would be learning from

QlikView training course?

At the completion of the course, you will be well equipped to design and build your own end-to-end QlikView applications following user experience and perform best practices.

Course Agenda

      • Overview of QlikView, In-memory analytics
      • QlikView Desktop
      • Installing QlikView
      • QlikView file components (.qvw, .qvd, .qvs file)Basic Layout and Navigation
      • Connecting to data sources (heterogeneous) Windows (FARS Database)
      • Generating QVD
      • Fetching data from QVD
      • Building a data model
      • QlikView object – Charts (including pivot table)Drill-down and cyclic groups
      • Mapping tables, inline tables
      • Creating a calendar
      • Advanced scripting
      • Security – Section access
      • Read Only
      • Hide Excluded
      • Show Alternatives
      • Always one selected value
      • Expanding to multiple columns – single Row with multiple columns
      • Caption – Search enabled
      • Allow Minimize
      • Adding expression for all the product
      • Adding a simple text box
      • Adding URL to open on click
      • Adding application action
      • Conditional Display
      • Active and Inactive Caption
      • A simple addition of multiple metrics
      • Grid Layout
      • Scroll
      • Simple Addition of Table Box and ordering of elements
      • Conditional Data Visibility
      • Change the Cells Visibility – Style option
      • Add variables for Selected no of customers
      • Add a condition to Customers Chart
      • Add a variable for selective display of a dropdown
    • Simple Display and selections
      • Simple Button and Action – Notepad, URL
      • Button Enabling Condition
      • Button Visible for selected condition
      • Simple slider for all the Dates available
      • Slider generated through Expression on Dates – Month Slider
      • Search Object for multiple fields
      • Limit when to collapse search result
      • Simple Bar chart
      • Using Pivot Tables – Simple
      • Add calculated dimension to Pivot Table
      • Move Columns to Rows
      • Add simple Bar Charts =Show data points, show limited entries,
      • Change Chart Title as per customer name
      • Detach Option
      • Draw 2 charts for 2 different analysis
      • Add both Charts to container
      • Show Grid View and the tab view
      • Add filters to container
      • Creating a QVD file using Store Function
      • Reading data from QVD file
      • Dumping QVD data into text format
      • Partial Reload – exclude the existing data and bring in new data
      • Building the script
      • Exclude a customer
      • Exclude multiple customers
      • Concatenate 2 fields
      • Extract left chars from Product Id
      • If else in Script
      • Single Multi-Line -Comment a field to exclude
      • Adding a fixed coded column
      • Adding Let/Set Statement – scripting 2
      • Adding Variable from Variable Overview window
      • Currency conversion using variable value[if else]
      • Putting the vSales variable in Variables Window
      • Putting = sign with vSales variable
      • Adding Money Format to amount
      • Set Expression – For a particular Customer only the sales value
      • Set Expression – isolate from the selection in Product Table
      • Set Expression – Wild Card
      • TRACE Option in Script Editor
More Information about BI QlikVIEW

Reason to learn QilckView Software?

QlikView BI Training will be able to help users to organize and consolidate data so data will easy to maintain. This enables the users to get an insightful understanding of data for analysis and Reports. QlikView is the ideal tool, to begin with, in your career in Business Analytics and Data Visualization. Technovids QlikView online training is scheduled at flexible timings which suit to everyone.  This QlikView training enhances users skills in the BI field which help to get better career opportunities

QlikView is the most popular and easy to use a BI tool.  It is a highly sophisticated self-service business intelligence tool for developers and analysts.QlikView is a great tool in terms of the ability to connect and transform data from a variety of sources into the same application.

From an analytical development perspective, there is a wide scope to create complex calculations within chart expressions, (including recursive expressions), which, combined with the trellis functionality, means more output with less setup effort.

The tools and functionality of QlikView support unrestricted analysis of application data. It offers new dimensions to analyze adding value to existing data stores. With these new insights and clean and simple user interface, the visual results are easy to comprehend for one and all.

QlikView is a software product designed by QlikTech for Business Intelligence data discovery. It generates custom-made dashboards reflecting upon the business challenges. This data interpretation help users in creating guided analytics applications. Thus, one is more prompt in assessing the changes that are occurring in the business environment. This also generates prompt responses from users. As an outcome, it works by reducing time lag and adding value to the organization through the insights.

There are three types of QlikView certifications. The fee is $250 for each exam.

QlikView Designer
Exam Fee $250 USD, Online Exam. Complete Fundamentals and Advanced courses and have 5+ months of working experience before taking this exam.

QlikView Developer
Exam Fee $250 USD, Online Exam. Complete Visual Analytics and have at least 9+ months of working experience, before taking this exam.

QlikView System Administrator
Exam Fee $250 USD, Online Exam. System Administrator exam requires realtime hands on experience.

  • Data Association is maintained automatically.
  • The structured data and the calculations of a report are all held in the memory (RAM) of the server.
  • Data can be compressed to even 10% of its original size. (d) Visual relationship using colors.

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Get QilkView BI Classroom  Training in Bangalore.

QlikView BI Classroom Training has its advantages as you learn in a group, Will have group class, Personalized human touch with participants and trainer. you gain knowledge form trainer as well as from other participants.QlikView BI Classroom Training has its advantages as you learn in a group, Will have group class, Personalized human touch with participants and trainer. you gain knowledge form trainer as well as from other participants.


Get QlikView BI Online Training at flexible time.

QlikView BI online Training has its advantages as you learn from anywhere, Instructor-Led online QlikView classes are as good as classroom training. Assignment and Practice tests are shared for every topic. Get free demo.


QlikView BI Fast-Track training has its advantages as you complete Training fast with one to one trainer interaction Fasttrack QlikView BI Training is delivered via classroom and online mode. where you will attend long hour customized Training as per your Requirement.


QlikView BI Training at your Location, If you are looking to train your team in QlikView or Qlik Sense. We can help you to deliver a fully customized QlikView Corporate Training by our expert trainers at your location across India. Send us your Requirement at [email protected]

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QlikView is one of the most used data visualization tools in the industry, so anyone planned to build a career in data analytics and visualization should go for this course.
As a part of the QlikView course, we prepare participants with all the basic concepts of the tool and prepare them to create the desired dashboard. The core of this training is also to prepare participants to understand if what particular graph needs to be used in which situation.
The QlikView Training sessions would be a mix of theory and hands-on, Participants can also bring their data and can take assistance from the trainer to get the desired visualization.

QlikView training duration is 30 hours, which is divided into 1-hour sessions per day Monday to Friday or 4 hours session of Sat & Sun.

In the case of corporate training, Tableau training is recommended for 3 full days (8 hours each session).

Technovids provides all kind of training services including classroom training, online training & corporate training.

Every QlikViewu training is accompanied by a hands-on project. As a part of QlikView training, we cover at least 2 projects during the training. Apart from this, every concept is explained with the relevant example and suitable exercise, which helps participants to understand and execute fast.

The trainer will assist you with the details of Global Certification for QlikView. However, Technovids will be issuing the Training Completion Certificate to all the participants.

Post learning Qlikview, recommendation depends on the kind of career participants are looking for, so we would request you to connect with our education counselor.

Post-training assistance is limited for the companies (corporate training) up to a limited period of time, which can be discussed during the pre-training discussion with the client.

Nowadays because of the internet revolution most of us having access to high-speed internet & video conferencing, which ultimately help the eLearning gaining popularity. Instructor-led QlikView Online Training (e-learning) can be the most convenient medium of learning from any part of the world.

QlikView online classes are conducted using online software like, WebEx and gototraining. All these software provide a live instructor-led training classroom environment, where instructors and attendees can join the class from any part of the world that too without spending time on travel.

This is a highly advanced system where instructors and attendees can share their screen, two-way audio meetings and also whiteboards for online classes. Also, class recordings are one of the unique features that help the audience strengthen their learning.  all tableau online sessions are recorded and will be shared with the attendees at the end of the session, so you can revise the session anytime.

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