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We have been in the training and recruitment industry for decades. Here, you can end your search for hiring partners and recruitment agencies.

Unlock Exceptional Talent with Technovids Recruitment Services

With Technovids, give your business a better team to work , a better environment.



From understanding the requirement to finding the best candidate for the particular domain.

Our goal is to serve the best.


Personal Reference Check and Skill Assess

From identifying the right talent to understand the potential of the candidate, Our checkpoints identify the required talent.


Temporary & Contractual Staffing​

Taking care of urgency and not compromising with the quality of the candidate fulfilling the requirement with the right talent on the right time.


Outsourcing Servces ​

Apart from providing the staffing solution, We tend to provide bet Outsourcing service in the town.


Recruiting Services

Providing various hiring solutions and serving right talent as per the requirement.

Our Domain Specific Team of experts is our edge.

What makes us Different?

Recruitment agencies makes a goal to help companies to find candidates and help candidates to find better jobs.
But what Makes Technovids better than any other?
We keep one thing in mind, Nothing is enough for companies and either for candidates.
While working with so many companies we understood one thing, almost every company seeks for talent and almost every candidate fails to prove their talent, reason behind this is lack of guidance.
we hire experienced recruiters, trainers and talented team to make our choice better and our process even more effective.

Building Winning Teams,
Transforming Organizations

Our recruitment services identify and unleash the hidden potential in candidates, enabling businesses to thrive and achieve unparalleled success.

Your Satisfaction matters.

We are Committed to

Candidate Quality
We evaluate candidate quality based on their qualifications, experience, skills, and cultural fit. 99%
We track time to fill job vacancies to measure recruitment service efficiency. 96%
Assess Cost-Effectiveness
We assess fees in relation to candidate quality and efficiency, ensuring industry-standard pricing and excellent value. 87%
Client Satisfaction
We gather client feedback to assess their experience with our recruitment service 95%
companies Hiring us
+ 0
placed candidates
+ 0
pre interview filters
+ 0

Transforming the Recruitment Process for Simplicity and Accessibility

Our goal is to Revamp the Recruitment Process and make it easier for companies and candidates.

Our Process

We promise to find best-in-class candidates for every specific sector and we promise to provide
no compromising services to our clients and candidates.
We are stick with are promises from 10 years and behind all this we have a specialised process to filter
best talent among the best. Go through our Process which tells you our qulality of work behind every work.

why technovids?

Single window recruitment and training services

From defining job requirements and posting job listings to conducting thorough candidate screenings and interviews, we handle it all. You can trust us to deliver a shortlist of highly qualified candidates who align perfectly with your company’s culture and requirements

90 day replacement support

Hiring decisions can sometimes be uncertain. Our 90-Day Replacement Support program reduces the risks associated with a new hire. It provides you with the peace of mind that, if for any reason the candidate isn’t the right fit, we’ll swiftly source and present a replacement candidate without additional fees.

End-to-End requirment Understanding

We take the time to take into account your specific requirements, company culture, and the nuances of the role you want to fill. This detailed understanding helps us to customize our approach and tailor our candidate search to align perfectly with your organization’s objectives.

Metrics based Pre-Interview Tests

Metrics-Based Pre-Interview Tests not only expedite the selection process but also enhance the quality of your hires. By focusing on objective metrics, we ensure that the candidates presented to you possess the specific skills and attributes your organization demands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Technovids Consulting offers comprehensive recruitment services, including candidate sourcing, screening, interview coordination, skill assessment, and job placement assistance. We specialize in IT, finance, marketing, sales, human resources, and administrative positions.

Technovids Consulting recruits for a wide range of positions across various industries. We cater to both entry-level and senior-level roles, ensuring that we meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Technovids Consulting operates on a contingency basis. We only charge a fee upon a successful placement of a candidate with your company. There are no upfront charges or hidden costs associated with our services.

Technovids Consulting employs a multi-faceted approach to source candidates. We utilize our extensive candidate database, conduct targeted searches on job boards, tap into professional networks, and promote opportunities through our website and social media channels.

At Technovids Consulting, we distinguish ourselves through our personalized approach, deep industry knowledge, and a strong focus on understanding the unique requirements of both clients and candidates. We foster strong relationships, deliver exceptional service, and strive for successful placements.

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