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Angular Web Development Training

Angular Web Development Training is one of the best web development courses offered by technovids; the Angular web development course is one of the essential Angular online certifications that help you understand the crucial aspects of front-end development.


Here you learn the complete Angular web development training from primary to advanced. The angular Web Development course is available online or offline for the Bangalore location.

Angular JS Web Development
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This course on C & C++language covers all the essential C & C++ concepts with practical, real-world examples.

Who is Angular Web Development Training for?

Angular Programmers are in high demand in the industry. Now everyone is using the Angular JS websites & learning angular web development training can help you shape your career in the right direction.


  • Freshers/Graduates
  • Anyone with a computer knowledge background can learn the Angular Web Development Training.
  • Those who have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and Javascript can also enroll in this course.
  • People from BCA, MCA, PDGCA, B-tech, BSCIT, MSCIT, etc.
  • People from the testing background can learn this.
What will you learn in Angular Web Development Training?

Angular Web Development Training will help you learn to design, develop, modify, debugging software code as per the functional/non-functional and technical design specifications of a web-based application using the Java Platform.


• You will learn to build the user interface or front end using technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript & Angular.
• You will learn the designing and develop the Database using RDBMS and SQL concepts.
• You will learn to develop various business components of Web Development using the Angular language with OOPS concepts.
• You will learn to integrate the front end with business components and Databases by using Angular.

Why take Angular Web Development Training?

The Angular Web Development Training course will help a fresher quickly enter front-end development jobs.


You get trained by well-experienced working professional trainers.


The Angular Web Development Training package will help you learn all the desired skills required for an entry-level job in Web Development.


Technovids make sure that a fresher learn & understand all the concepts with practical knowledge to apply the same to his project from day one.

Course Content for Angular Web Development Training:

1. Introduction to Angular
  • What is Angular?
  • Angular Versions: AngularJS (vs) Angular
    • Setup for local development environment
    • Installing NodeJS, NPM
      Angular CLI
  • Develop First Angular program using Angular CLI and Visual Studio Code.


2. Angular Architecture
  • Introduction
  • Basic Building Blocks of Angular
  • Applications
  • Angular Modules and @NgModule
  • Decorator
  • Angular Libraries
  • Component, Templates and Metadata
  • Data Binding
  • Directives
  • Services and Dependency Injection


3. Displaying Dynamic Data
  • Types of Directives
  • Template Expressions
  • String Interpolation
  • Built-In Directives
    • ngIf
    • ngSwitch
    • ngFor
  • * vs <template>
  • When to use <ng-container>
  • Angular Components Deep Dive
  • What are Components?
  • Components Life Cycle Hooks.
  • Dynamic Components.
  • Working with Model Class.
  • Nested Components.
  • Working with Arrays / Collections.


4. Data Binding
  • Binding properties and Interpolation
  • One-way Binding / Property Binding
  • Event Binding
  • Two-way Binding
  • Two-way binding with NgModel
  • Attribute Binding
  • Style and Class Binding


5. Styles Binding In Components
  • Style and Class Bindings
  • Built-In Directives – NgStyle & NgClass
  • Using Component Styles
  • Special selectors
  • Loading Styles into Components
  • View Encapsulation
  • ViewChild & ViewChildren
  • ContentChild & ContentChildren


6. Template Driven Forms
  • Introduction
  • Create the component that controls the form
  • Create a template with the initial form layout
  • Bind data properties to each form input control with the ngModel two-way data binding syntax
  • Add the name attribute to each form input control
  • Add custom CSS to provide visual feedback
  • Show and hide validation error messages
  • Handle form submission with ngSubmit
  • Disable the form’s submit button until the form is valid
  • Resetting the form.


7. Reactive Forms
  • Reactive Forms Introduction
  • More Form Controls
  • Form Control Properties
  • setValue and patchValue
  • Validating Form Elements
  • Submitting and Resetting forms
  • Observing and Reacting to Form Changes
  • Using FormBuilder


8. Working with Pipes
  • Built-in Pipes
  • Using parameters and chaining Pipes
  • Custom Pipes
  • Parameterized Custom Pipe
  • Pipes and Change Detection
  • Pure and Impure pipes
  • Changes in Pipes Syntax from 4 to 5


9. Custom Directives
  • Custom Attribute Directive
  • Using HostListener
  • Using HostBinding
  • Custom Validator Directive


10. Dependency Injection
  • Understanding Dependency Injection
  • Understanding DI in Angular Framework
  • Reflective Injector
  • Exploring Provider
  • Types of Tokens
  • Types of Dependencies
  • Configuring DI using Providers
  • Implementing DI in Angular
  • Optional Dependencies


11. Services in Angular
  • Building and Injecting Custom Services
  • Service using another Service


12. Reactive Extension for JavaScript
  • Introduction
  • Observable and Observer
  • Reactive Operators


13. Http Client Service
  • HttpClientModule and HttpClient Classes
  • Writing Service with Get / Add / Edit / Delete
  • Using Service in Component


14. Angular Routing
  • Introduction
  • Configuring and Navigating
  • Parameterized routes
  • Nested (or) Child Routes
  • Router Guards & Routing Strategies


15. Angular Modules
  • AppModule as Root Module
  • Feature modules
  • Lazy Loading a Module
  • Shared Module
1.Introduction to Web-technology :
  • What is web?
  • What is network?
  • What is internet?
  • What is web-development?
  • What is browser?
  • What is web-server?
  • What is http?
  • What is the use of http?
  • What is html?
  • What is website?
  • What is web-page?
  • Structure of Web
  • Definition of all the points
  • Install of Editors
  • How to write program using editors


2.HTML-5 :
      • Structure of html
      • What is tags?
      • Types of tags
      • Attributes
      • All tags attributes
      • How to apply all the attributes in web-pages
      • How to create table in Html
      • Attributes of table
      • Example


List :
      • How to create list
      • Attributes of list
      • Example


      • Attributes of audio/video tag
      • How to create audio page
      • How to create video page


I-frame :
      • What is nested web-page?
      • How to create nested web-pages
      • Attributes of nested web-pages


      • How to define graphics in html
      • Attributes of SVG


Form :
      • What is form
      • How to create forms using html
      • How to create log-in page
      • How to create registration page using form
      • Attributes of form


3. CSS-3 :
      • What is css?
      • What is the use of css?
      • Types of css
      • How to call css inside html pages

      • How to set background properties
      • Attributes for background


      • What is box-model in css
      • How to work with box-model


      • What is selector?
      • Types of selector
      • How to apply selector


      • What is combinators?
      • Types of combinators
      • How it is related to selectors


Pseudo-class & Pseudo-elements:
      • What is pseudo-class?
      • What is pseudo-elements
      • Types of pseudo-class
      • Types of pseudo-elements
      • How to apply


Transition,Transform & Animation in css :
      • Applications of
      • Transition,Transform & Animation
      • Use of Transition,Transform & Animation
      • Basic Project based on Transition,Transform & Animation.

4.Javascript :
      • What is javascript?
      • What is the difference between
      • Java & javascript
      • Application of javascript
      • Advantages & Disadvantages of javascript
      • Types of javascript
      • Datatypes in javascript
      • Looping Statement
      • Conditional Statement


Function & Arrays:
      • What is function
      • What is array
      • Types of function
      • Methods of array

String & Object :
      • What is string
      • Methods of string
      • What is object
      • How to create object in js


Date & Math :
      • What is date method
      • What is math method
      • Methods of date & math


Collection in js :
      • What is collection
      • Types of collection


Advanced array methods in js


      • Javascript Closure
      • DOM elements in javascript
      • Json in javascript
      • Ajax in javascript
      • Canvas using javascript

Regular Expression in js:
      • What is regular expression
      • How to create dynamic form in js


5. Bootstrap:
      • What is bootstrap
      • How to apply bootstrap in web-pages
      • Benefits of using bootstrap
      • Grid system in bootstrap
      • Classes in bootstrap
      • How to create table using bootstrap-class
      • How to create forms using bootstrap-class
      • What is carousel in bootstrap
      • How to apply all of this create one project.

Project Set-up:
      • Responsive project using Html, Css ,Javascript & bootstrap


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Student's Reviews
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Akash Rana
Front End Developer
Read More
My friend Suggested Technovids for Learning the Angular Web Development Training; I started my software development journey by learning Front end development. After completing front end development course from Technovids, I got selected by a reputed company; now, I am learning backend development from Technovids. Thanks, Technovids, for providing an excellent Web Development course, " Angular Web Development Training."
Neha Sharma
Angular Developer
Read More
After completing the core web development course, I Joined Technovids Angular Web Development training. Angular Web Development Training helped me revise my basics of web development and learn advanced concepts. After completing this course, I am confident and ready to take up the next front-end web development level. Thanks, Technovids
Pooja Kumari
Front End Developer
Read More
I am from a completely non-technical background, but I desire to learn web development. The special Doubt sessions were incredible. The way the trainer taught, you will never feel that you are not from a specialized technical field.
Abhay Awathi
Software Developer
Read More
Technovids Angular web development training is unique. The trainer started the course with basics, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and then we moved on to the advanced level course for Angular Web Development training.
Srinivas Murthy
Angular Developer
Read More
I completed my front end development training along with angular. Technovids Angular web development training is designed & executed nicely. This course will help you to become an advanced-level Front end Developer.
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Angular is a javascript framework we can create web pages using HTML and TypeScript. It implements core and optional functionality as a set of TypeScript libraries that you import into your applications.

You can contact technovids if you want to attend a free demo for the angular web development training.

A Typical Angular application gets executed in the web browser, rendering pages in the DOM in response to user actions. Angular Universal runs on the server, generating static application pages that later get bootstrapped on the client.

Technovids Angular Web Development training includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Angular. It is the best front-end development course.

Angular & node are one of the most popular stacks for building full-stack web applications. It enables developers to write an entire application quickly—front end, back end, and database—using only JavaScript.


You can connect with the technovids team to inquire about the Angular Web Development Training.

If you learn Angular, you can create a more responsive website with a more beautiful layout. Learning Angular web development training will give you good growth and a better package.

If your application is an enterprise-grade application and you need to incorporate complex functionalities like progressive, single-page, and native web apps, then Angular is better than React. However, React specializes in creating UI components and can be used in any application, including single-page apps.

It would be best if you learned Angular in web development because

1. it can improve the Quality of the application,
2. It can enhance Improved Speed and Performance
3. Faster Development Process. 4. Readable and Testable Code.
4. Better career growth

So what are you waiting for? Enquire now for the Angular Web Development Training from Technovids.

Angular is a framework for building web-page client applications using HTML and JavaScript.

A good understanding of HTML, CSS & JavaScript needed. You can also join the angular web development training as it covers the basic to the advanced topics needed. 

A robust web application can be developed using Angular‘s platform. To address the development challenges of developers, it integrates declarative templates, dependency injections, and end-to-end tools with top performance.

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