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2 Day Agile & Scrum workshops offer tangible benefits in productivity and quality by rapidly addressing issues, responding to new opportunities and meeting volatile customer demands, while focusing on continuous improvement through the iterative approach.

The success of Agile depends on a solid team and every team member required to be well versed with its concepts and tools. Growing demand for Agile professionals has made Agile & Scrum courses very popular, and Technovids’s Agile and Scrum training is a great way to get started on your agile career.

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Technovids Agile and Scrum training with its focus on Agile development and Scrum practices will train you to harness complex processes and apply Scrum techniques for the success of the project. You will be ready to initiate the Agile transformation in your project and your organization with hands-on practice sessions and comprehensive theory.

On the successful completion of the Agile and Scrum course, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate from Technovids, which will be a reflection of your ability to implement Agile and Scrum methods, tools and techniques to positively impact your organization and help in business continuity.

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Agile & Scrum Classroom Training has its advantages as you learn in a group, Will have group class, Personalized human touch with participants and trainer. you gain knowledge form trainers as well as from other participants.


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Agile & Scrum Online Training has its advantages as you learn from anywhere, Instructor-Led online Agile classes are as good as classroom training. Assignment and Practice tests are shared for every topic. Get free demo.


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Agile can be defined as a software framework of different approaches and behaviors that encourage-time production, which further enables customers to receive quality software in a faster manner. As opposed to multiple project life cycle phases, Agile helps developers execute iterative project implementation approaches.

The major components of Agile include continuous deployment, test-driven development, class responsibilities, daily stand-up meetings, pair programming, and collaborator cards.

Scrum is a framework typically required to assist teams in developing projects through an iterative and incremental approach. The Scrum methodology conducts a specific project via cycles of work, which are also called Sprints. Each Scrum cycle is generally conducted for two weeks but can extend up to four weeks, depending on the requirements. All Scrum cycles are timeboxed, which implies that developers need to stick to strict deadlines irrespective of the state of work. Prior to commencing a Sprint, the team must select the prioritized tasks after agreeing upon a common goal, as fresh tasks cannot be added during the process. After each Sprint ends, the team is required to show the end product to the stakeholders, based on whose feedback, the next sprint is assigned.

Agile & Scrum is intended for developers, Product Owners, Delivery Managers, Stakeholders with management responsibilities to develop a clear understanding of how organizations can benefit from adopting agile, scrum framework.

There is no specific prerequisite to join this, anyone with the interest can join this training, just come with an open mind to learn the better way of software development.

We follow 60:40 ratio, Practicals, Theory respectively. In short I can say that your training will be the mixed of theory and hands on, we will try and cover as much as hands on possible as a part of every training.
We continuously take the training feedback and open for any issue resolution at any point of time. In worst cases if you don’t want to continue with the instructor assigned, we can talk and can get your instructor replaced.

Nowadays because of the internet revolution most of us having access to high-speed internet & video conferencing, which ultimately help the eLearning gaining popularity.

Instructor-led Agile & Scrum Online Workshop (e-learning) can be the most convenient medium of learning from any part of the world. Agile & Scrum online Workshop are conducted using online software like, WebEx and gotoWorkshop. All these software provide a live instructor-led Workshop classroom environment, where instructors and attendees can join the class from any part of the world that too without spending time on travel.

This is a highly advanced system where instructors and attendees can share their screen, two-way audio meetings and also whiteboards for online Workshop. Also, class recordings are one of the unique features that help the audience strengthen their learning. all Agile & Scrum online sessions are recorded and will be shared with the attendees at the end of the session, so you can revise the session anytime.

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Agile & Scrum online Workshop in Bangalore
Agile & Scrum online Workshop in Chennai
2 days Agile and Scrum Workshop
Agile & Scrum online Workshop in Kolkata
Agile & Scrum online Workshop in London
2 days Agile and Scrum Workshop
Agile & Scrum online Workshop in San Francisco
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Agile & Scrum online 2 days Agile and Scrum WorkshopWorkshop in New York
2 days Agile and Scrum Workshop
2 days Agile and Scrum Workshop

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