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Learn Version Control Control – GIT Online Course

Git is a version-control system for tracking changes in digital files and coordinating work on those digital files among multiple individuals. It’s primarily used for source-code management in software development, but it can be accustom to keep track of changes in any set of files. . For more join our course for DevOps Training.

GITHUB Working Directory

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Version Control - GIT Online Course
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learn more about Git and obtain started on to earning path and being valuable to your organization.


What You'll Learn from Version Control - GIT Online Course

Course Content

  • Introduction to VCS-Git and its role.
  • Understanding Git life cycle.
  • Knowledge of common commands used in Git.
  • Creating repository in Git-Hub.
  • Pushing and stashing code in Git.
  • Working with Branches and merging branches in git.
  • Adding remote repo. In git.
  • Resolving conflicts via Git.

Working over a project along with Git.
Soft skill program ( interview prepration and resume writing) and doubt clearing session.

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GIT Life Cycle Stage

1. Working Directory

  • The place wherever your project resides in your local disk.
  • This project may or might not be tracked by Git.
  • In either case, the directory is named as working directory.
  • The projects are often tracked by Git, by victimization of command git init.
  • By doing git init, it automatically creates a hidden .git folder.

2. Staging Area

  • Once we are within the working directory, we’ve to specify which files are to be tracked by Git.
  • We don’t specify all files to be tracked in Git, because some files might be temporary data which is being generated while execution.
  • To add files within the staging area, we use the command git add.

3. Commit

  • Once the files are selected and are ready within the staging area, they will now be saved in repository.
  • Saving a entire file in the repository of Git is understood as doing a
  • When we commit a repository in Git, the commit is identified by a Commit id.
  • The command for initializing this process is git commit –m “message”.


How to collaborate with team?

How to collaborate with team?

How to Colebrate with team

Once the files are committed, they will be pushed to the remote repository like as GitHub

Working with GIT

  • When we edit the project or add any new functionality, the new code is again committed to git, a replacement commit ID is assigned to the present modified project. The older code is store by Git, and can be accessible by it’s assigned Commit ID.
Working of GIT
  • All these commits are attached to a branch. Any new commits made are going to be added to the present branch. A branch always points to the newest commit. The pointer to the newest commit is understood as HEAD.
  • The default branch of a git repository is named as the Master Branch.
GIT Master Branch

Why Master Branch?

  • Say, a developer has been assigned enhance this code by adding Feature A. The code is assigned to the present developer in a separate branch “Feature A”. This is often; done in order that master contains only the code which is finished, finalized and is on production.
  • Therefore, regardless of what percentage of commits is made by this developer on Feature A branch, it’ll not affect the Master Branch.
  • Once the code is finished, tested and prepared we will merge the Feature A branch, with the master branch and now the code is out there on the prod. Servers as well.

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Fresh individuals who really want to make a booming career should definitely opt. for this course but if you are a QA, Developer, DevOps Engineer, cloud engineer or system administrator no doubt you can learn this course.

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