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Get ready yourself by Learning Containerization with Docker & Kubernetes to built, test, & deploying Docker applications with Kubernetes.

The world’s most popular containerization  ecosystems  Docker and Cubernetes.  Docker is the platform for Containerization, deploying, and running various applications that can run on your laptop, cloud, and VMs.
Docker provides a packed environment for the various application in the form of a Container to run on your machine. 

KUBERNETES is the tool for managing Containerized Application across clusters of nodes, i.e., open-source tools for automating application deployment, managing, and scaling. Learn Docker & Kubernetes Online Training with real-time projects. 

Course highlights:

Containerization with Docker & Kubernetes
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Learn more about Docker & Kubernetes to start on the learning path and become valuable to your organization.


What will you learn from Containerization online training course

Course Content

  • Introduction to containerization tool.
  • Introduction to Docker & Kubernetes.
  • Setting up infrastructure for Docker.
  • Understanding Containerization with Docker.
  • Deploying Multi- tier application using Docker Network.
  • Pushing and creating custom Docker Image.
  • Setting up Docker swarm.
  • Load Balancing and Scaling on the Docker Swarm cluster.
  • “Dockerizing” multiple services.
  • Introduction Kubernetes Architecture.
  • Container orchestration using Kubernetes with AWS-EKS.
  • Understanding Kubernetes port.
  • Kubernetes Cluster Setup with Amazon EKS.
  • Auto scaling in Kubernetes cluster with EKS.
  • Understanding Kubernetes Management Techniques.
  • Hands on project using Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Soft skill ( resume writing and interview preparation), doubt clearing session.

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What is Docker? 

  • Docker is the platform for Containerization, deploying and running various application which can run on your laptop, cloud, VMs.
  • Docker provides a packed environment for the various application in the form of a Container to run on your machine.
  • Docker helps you to Ship, Test, and Deploy the code at a faster rate.

Docker Architecture? 

Docker Client Server:

Users can communicate to Docker with Docker Client when the command is executed by the Client sends the request to Docker Demon which communicates Docker host.

Docker Host Server:

provides a complete environment to run the package. Docker host comprises of Container, network, storage, and images.

Docker architecture

What is Kubernetes?

KUBERNETES is the tool for managing Containerized Application across clusters of node i.e. open-source tool for automating application deployment, managing, and scaling. 

Different groups of the cluster can be hosted together and running as a container, Kubernetes helps in managing and scaling those containerized application.

The need for Kubernetes?

  • Kubernetes helps in container orchestration with multiple hosts.
  • It controls the application deployment and updates even automate the entire process.
  • It even adds and mounts the storage so that the application can run smoothly.
  • Containerized application and their resources are scaled with the help of Kubernetes.
  • With the help of auto-scaling, auto-restart, auto-replication, and auto-placement health-check and self-healing of the application is achieved.

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After completing the course at Technovids, you are going to receive a Digital Certificate for course completion. This Certification will help you in embarking your way into the corporate industry.

Technovids always follow the philosophy of delivering online training, creating value & difference to once a career. To achieve this goal, we handpick one among the best well-experienced trainers from the industry. Who has got the right amount of real-time experience into Devops & related technologies, and has good exposure in training people. Real-time experience helps trainers share their knowledge with the participants; Ultimately, it allows learners to learn and comprehend to apply as soon as training is over.

Yes definitely you can make a good career but only if you have the ability to adapt the change to move along with the latest technology.

After learning the concept of Containerization tools, you can move forward to grasp expertise in DevOps. To achieve this, you must have basic knowledge of cloud platforms like AWS or Azure and expertise in Devops Tools. Our experienced trainers will guide you throughout your way to become a Certified Engineer with a bunch of hands-on training assignments on Cloud platform with DevOps tools.
Technovids ensure that every individual gets complete assistance towards getting expertise through its comprehensive course content and experienced Trainers’ guidance.

Individuals having basic knowledge of infrastructure and one of the cloud platform will add icing on the top of the training. But if you lack with this, we would gear you up with the basic knowledge and then move ahead with the training.

We continuously take the training feedback and open for any issue resolution at any point of time. In worst cases if you don’t want to continue with the instructor assigned, we can talk and can get your instructor replaced.

We conduct Containerazation online classes using the various live online meeting platforms like Jio meet, google meet, zoom, or Zoho, etc.
All the classes are highly interactive with two-way audio-video communication. Trainer & all the learners can interact with each other.
These platforms give the facilities like sharing of the screen, giving control to your system, taking remote access, sharing files, whiteboard, Recording of the session, etc.,
Live online Containerazation sessions are as active as classroom training. We invite any number of doubts, clarifications at any point in time.
Learn Containerazation online with us:

  • Containerazation online classes in Bangalore
  • Containerazation online classes in Chennai
  • Containerazation online classes in Delhi
  • Containerazation online classes in Kolkata
  • Containerazation online classes in London
  • Containerazation online classes in Chicago
  • Containerazation online classes in San Francisco
  • Containerazation online classes in Dallas
  • Containerazation online classes in Washington
  • Containerazation online classes in New York
  • Containerazation online classes in BostonContainerazation online classes in Singapore

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Techno- Technology and vids-Vidya together combines to form Technovids which is a pool to Technology. With Experienced trainers Technovids provides best learning and application of technology in current scenario.

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