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Azure DevOps

Learn Azure DevOps Online Training with hand-on live Cloud Labs by Industrial Experts. 

Our Training approach for Azure DevOps Engineer complies with tools like Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes, GIT, Puppet. We focus upon 100% Hands-on practical and assignments for each and every topic covered by our instructor in the Training. Technovids have a bunch of experienced Trainers carrying good knowledge of the DevOps process required for the industry.

"DevOps A Culture, A Practice, A mindset and Even a Skill of New Era."

Azure DEvOps Engineer online Course

Course highlights:

Azure DevOps Online Classes
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In this online Training program of Azure DevOps you will have expedition through Introduction to Azure to learning various DevOps Tools.


What You'll Learn from Azure DevOps Online Course

Course Content

Introduction to Microsoft Azure.

  • Implementing & managing Storage.
  • Deploying and managing virtual machine.
  • Configuring Virtual Network & managing Identities.

Project 1- Handling Infra. For Azure Cloud.

  • Software Development life cycle.
  • Relation between DevOps and Agile.
  • Challenges with traditional approach.
  • Why DevOps?
  • DevOps life cycle.
  • DevOps Tool Chain.
  • Overview of VCS.
  • Role of VCS.
  • Introduction to GIT.
  • GIT Lifecycle with common commands used in Git.
  • Pushing and stashing code in Git.
  • Working with Branches and merging branches in Git.
  • Resolving conflict via Git.

Project 2:- on Git-Hub.

  • Configuration management Tool.(ANSIBLE)
  • Overview of configuration management tool.
  • Setting up infrastructure for Ansible.
  • Set-up Master and Slave using Ansible.
  • Writing Ansible playbook and roles.
  • Set-up Apache web server using Ansible.

Project3:- on Ansible as configuration management tool.

  • Configuration management Tool.(Puppet)
  • What is Puppet?
  • Puppet architecture.
  • Set-up Master and Slave using Puppet.
  • Writing Puppet Manifest and modules.

Project4:- on Puppet as Configuration management tool.

  • Containerization with Docker.
  • Introduction to Docker.
  • Docker Lifecycle
  • Setting up infrastructure for Docker.
  • Pushing and creating custom Docker Image.
  • Deploying Multi- tier application using Docker Network.
  • Introduction to Docker Swarm.
  • Deploying 2-Node cluster using Docker.

Project 5: on Docker.

  • Introduction to Kubernetes.
  • Kubernetes architecture.
  • Service in Kubernetes.

Project 5: on Kubernetes.

  • Overview and importance of CI/CD tool.
  • Setting up infrastructure for Jenkins.
  • Set up Jenkins Master and Slave architecture.
  • Brief understanding of CI/CD
  • Deploying CI/CD pipeline.

Project 7: Building End to End pipeline.

  • Need for Continuous Monitoring.
  • Introduction to Nagios.
  • Working with Nagios Monitoring Tool.
  • Use of NRPE plugin, ELK stack.

Project 8: adding nodes on Nagios Monitoring tool.

  • Doubt clearing session.
  • Project using combination of Devops tool.
  • Soft skills – resume writing and mail writing.
  • Interview prepration.


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Azure is a cloud computing platform provided by Microsoft. It is available in 54 regions as of now & 140+ countries.  Uses of the cloud-related services are growing exponentially & azure cloud is one of the leaders into this category of services.

Some of the main features of the Azure:

  • On-demand provisioning
  • Scalability in minutes
  • Pay as you consume
  • Abstract resources
  • Efficiency of experts
  • measurable

Azure platform (Different kind of services):

There are approx. 100+ kind of services available in azure. If you have applications you can put it on VM’s, you can put it on infrastructure packed services like service fabric, you can have docket containers, you can use Kubernetes, or you can use the serverless platforms like app services & deploy your applications. On the other side if you have database requirement, have got storage requirement then you have SQL server, you have my SQL, SQL data warehouse or in fact you have a lot of things like azure storage, azure data lake, All these services are available, of course, they have a different use case you need to learn about and start using it.    

Also, you have got virtual machines, app services & platforms like data bricks, spark, etc, can go ahead and select the compute infrastructure in the cloud.

You can set up the database, you can setup networking, can set up the messaging, monitoring, also can set up the management tools.

Its providing us all the set of tools integrated into one single environment, this means that if you know how to work with eclipse, if you know how to work with tfs, if you know how to work with git, how to work with selenium, how to work with all these different tools then you can use Azure DevOps. But even you don’t know all these you don’t need to worry; you can learn all step by step.


How is Docker Changing the Face of Modern App Development?

The buzz around the unconventional open source technology, Docker, is only turning louder than ever as more businesses continue to shift their server applications to containers from virtual machines (VM). With more than three million applications having already been moved to containers using this technology in 2020. Docker can be the developer’s favorite platform.

Released in 2013 by Solomon Hykes, Docker is a suite of platform-as-a-service (PaaS) product, that delivers software in containers or packages through it’s free and premium programs. Docker leverages operating system (OS) level virtualization,  whereas it’s software Docker Engine hosts all containers in isolated form. Comprising respective software, Configuration files and libraries, these containers interact with each other via streamlined channels. A sole OS kernel makes Docker containers more lightweight as compared to VMs, thereby adding to its feasibility as a more practical platform for server applications.

Azure Cloud DevOps Online

The essence of DevOps lies in the continuous deployment of code for achieving software maturity. This maturity is dictated by continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment. How does each of them differ from the other?

Let’s find out more >>>

Devops is an offspring of Agile methodology that involves collaboration between the Developer and the operation teams using different tools. DevOps can be described as a series of activities combining software development and IT operations, thus DevOps is a methodology.

Technovids always focus upon the high quality of Training with the experienced faculties carrying decades of real-time work experience that enables them to provide better exposure towards Azure Devops e-training to expert level. With comprehensive course content customized as per industrial needs, so that soon after completing your online Training, you will be in a position to kick start your career as Certified DevOps Solution Engineer/Designer.

Technovids always follow the philosophy of delivering online training, creating value & difference to once a career. To achieve this goal, we handpick one among the best well-experienced trainers from the industry. Who has got the right amount of real-time experience into Devops & related technologies, and has good exposure in training people. Real-time experience helps trainers share their knowledge with the participants; Ultimately, it allows learners to learn and comprehend to apply as soon as training is over.

After knowing Azure Devops, you can move forward to grab the title of “Certified DevOps Engineer.”To achieve this, you must have knowledge of cloud platforms like AWS or Azure and expertise in Devops Tools. Our experienced trainers will guide you throughout your way to become a Certified DevOps engineer with a bunch of hands-on training.
Technovids ensure that every individual gets complete assistance towards the certification program through its comprehensive course content.

To join our Azure Devops online training program, individuals with basic knowledge of infrastructure on one of the cloud platforms like AWS or Azure will add icing on the top of the training. But if you lack this, we would gear you up with the necessary knowledge and then move ahead with the practice.

Training without Projects is the same as fish without water, So we are going to give you hands-on training along with multiple projects as we follow 70:30 ratio, Practicals & Theory, respectively.

We always focus on quality delivery of the training & best possible support. In case of any issues, learners can always reach out to the concerned team members or the coordinators.

We conduct Devops online classes using the various live online meeting platforms like Jio meet, google meet, zoom, or Zoho, etc. 

All the classes are highly interactive with two-way audio-video communication. Trainer & all the learners can interact with each other.

These platforms give the facilities like sharing of the screen, giving control to your system, taking remote access, sharing files, whiteboard, Recording of the session, etc., 

Live online devops sessions are as active as classroom training. We invite any number of doubts, clarifications at any point in time.

Learn DevOps online with us:

  • DevOps online classes in Bangalore
  • DevOps online classes in Chennai
  • DevOps online classes in Delhi
  • DevOps online classes in Kolkata
  • DevOps online classes in London
  • DevOps online classes in Chicago
  • DevOps online classes in San Francisco
  • DevOps online classes in Dallas
  • DevOps online classes in Washington
  • DevOps online classes in New York
  • DevOps online classes in Boston
  • DevOps online classes in Singapore

“All Knowledge is connected to all other Knowledge. The Fun is in making the Connections”.   

So we have the list of related courses you can target to acquire the skills with Technovids. CI/CD with Azure DevOps, Containerization with Docker and Kubernetes, Learning Version control with Git, Jenkins, Vagrant, Slack Automation with Ansible.

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