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The entire IT-verse is piggybacking on the wonders of DevOps. Conceptualized in the early 21st century, this modern methodology is no longer a buzzword; it is now considered as the silver bullet for managing high-end business operations.

How do you define DevOps?

In simple terms, a word is a consolidated form of the two frequently used words in Business—development, and operations. From a potential perspective, however, DevOps can be described as a series of activities combining software development and IT operations. The methodology follows a cross-functional approach, which requires the leverage of toolchains, an assemblage of tools, which are utilized in alignment with the following categories:

In order to obtain a descriptive picture of what activities comprise DevOps, we must delve deep into the three major pillars of DevOps that constitute the Continuous Delivery practice:

What is Continuous Delivery (CD)

What is Continuous Delivery (CD)

Continuous Delivery (CD) is a chain of consecutive practices involving the creation, assessment, and delivery of ongoing improvements into the user environments and software code with the aid of efficient automation tools. In essence, CD ensures the development code that is in a ready-to-deploy state. The CD method devotedly observes the automated CD Pipeline, which starts with the developer attributing the code to the source repository. Automated tests are run for each check-in, which ensures all codes are in perfect form to deliver the desired outcome. After the code verification stage, the executables automatically enter an intermediate state where the code undergoes integration, staging and similar process, thereby getting ready to be up-and-running for production and launch, as the need arises.

“A Culture, A Practice, A mindset and Even a Skill of New Era.”

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