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QlikView Online Classes 2022

QlikView will help you extract data from several sources and transform data based on the company rules to create a data model that business analysts can utilize to make the Presentation layer. With the assistance of graphs, pictures, and other visualization strategies, complex data are now effectively communicated once hard to comprehend. Understanding how the Data is related and how the Data isn’t related, this Qlikview brings unexpected small business profits.


QlikView has given exceptional work developed in recent years as it’s an essential software used across various entities. Quite simply, Qlikview is software that makes it feasible to retrieve and assimilate data from multiple sources. QlikView is quite a strong Business Discovery Platform, and it’s visually analyzing the data relationships. QlikView, as such, does not require any prerequisite since it’s not hard to learn and has varied scope. QlikView can be utilized in every area and industry that needs decision-making. We feel that learning QlikView in a mixture of practical and theoretical will be the simplest way to know the technology quickly.


Qlikview Training 

The students already put in the top-notch MNC businesses stand out as the proof of our typical training approach. Students with Qlikview certification can secure a fast job in an MNC. Our participants will be qualified to clear all forms of interviews at the end of our sessions. Join the ideal Qlikview training given by Technivids, which equips participants with thorough info, wisdom, and experience. We guide our participants for respective Certifications, that’s an extra advantage to the present sector.


This QlikView training gives you a high job prospect. Our QlikView Online Classes will be scheduled on weekdays and weekends, depending on the student’s request. These QlikView Online Classes will help you organize and consolidate your workbooks, so they are simpler to maintain. This practice enables the candidate to understand and develop highly efficient skill collection. Therefore, if you would like to improve data visualization practices, then Qlikview is the ideal tool.


Technovids Global Academy ultimately seeks to offer you this QlikView Online training in numerous places in and about other parts of the country. It turned out to be complete Hands-on training. Also, this training is available Online. Online training is now a simple learning mode by sitting where you are. Our training is focused on assisting in placements too. 


At The End of Qlikview Online Training, whether you would like to fast-track your career with a tall salary or search for work abroad, learning QlikView is a perfect option. Our group of QlikView Trainers will be able to deal with any real-world scenarios without difficulty. We’ve got separate HR team professionals who will manage all your interview requirements. 


QlikView Online Classes will be Live hands-on training on Qlikview Software; Training will be given on Qlikview Developer and Designer. The course will take you in 25hrs, from the first introduction to QlikView to advanced subjects such as complex data transformations, advanced expressions, set analysis, and data visualization techniques. After the course, you will be well equipped to design and build your end-to-end QlikView applications following user experience and performance best practices.



  • 25hrs of Live Training
  • 4 Weekend/ 1 hrs online Training
  • Project-based learning
  • Assignments
  • 20+ Case Studies
  • Real-world examples
  • Certified instructors
  • Custom-designed courses



  • QlikView data model in QlikView
  • Understanding of layout and QlikView application design
  • How to use QlikView sheet objects
  • Visual representation of DataData
  • Visualization design
  • Develop user-centered workflows
  • Organize and structure information
  • Create QlikView applications
  • Build a QlikView application
  • Resolve data structure issues
  • Access the Debugger
  • Define the advanced uses of the script editor
  • Use, Transformative Functions in the script



Individuals interested in a career in Data Analytics and professional growth in the Business Analytics field. 

Working professionals in Data Reporting activity & want to present rich-looking reports with a professional touch with minimal effort.


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Oct 05 2023 - Nov 03 2023


8:00 am - 9:00 am




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