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iOS 11 and Swift 4

Attend Live Online Training on Mobile Application development using iOS 11 and Swift 4.

This iOS 11 & Xcode 9 course with swift 4 teaches you from the ground up to build robust IOS applications, and as behalf of Technovids, we never leave you hanging as we support you through each and every step, we are there to assist you when you run into a problem in Xcode 9 and to offer any advice needed to create your first iOS 11 app and will feel like you learned everything to build an IOS App.

Course highlights:

iOS 11 and Swift 4
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In this course, you will learn to implement design patterns for your code and application UX, using Swift 4 for iOS 11 apps.


What You'll Learn from iOS 11 and Swift 4

Course Content

Section -1 Introduction to Swift language.

A brief introduction to Swift programming language.

  • Learn the new features of Swift 4.
  • Introduction to variables and constants.
  • Learn string, nil values, Tuples, and type of conversations.

Swift – Collection Types.

  • introduction to collection types and creating Arrays.
  • understand common array operations and multi-dimensional Arrays.

Swift – control flow & functions.

  • Learn if and else Statements.
  • Introduction to switch statements and switch techniques.
  • Understand while loops and for-in loops.
  • Learn function parameters and return statements.
  • Understand parameter variations and multiple values.

Section -2 Introduction to Xcode.

Introduction to Xcode.

  • learn general interface with the file system.
  • Understand view-controller and Storyboard file.
  • Connecting Outlets and actions.
  • Learn to run and debug an application.

Learn UI Elements

  • Setting up UI and adding multiple actions.
  • Learn to add text fields and simulating Login.
  • Understand Hierarchy with Storyboards, Changing Attributes Programmatically, and Attaching Tap Gesture Recognizer to a View.
  • Understand to Adding Label to Storyboard, Modifying Label Attributes Through Code.
  • Learn Button Interaction With Other Elements, Connecting Multiple Buttons To Single Action and Adding Buttons Programmatically.
  • Learn to adjust Properties Using Storyboard & Adding Behaviour via Outlets and Actions.

Section -3 Introduction to Sprites- iOS11

Introduction to Sprites- iOS11

  • Learn to add Images Programmatically.
  • Understand to add In the Colour Blend Factor and Changing Sprite Images.
  • Learn to add multiple SKActions, name Actions, and Scale it.
  • Introduction to ShapeNodes and make different kinds of ShapeNodes.
  • Introduction to Actions.sks
  • Setting up specific actions and sounds.

Interview grooming and project work.

  • Learn the basic questions asked in the interviews.
  • Learn the soft skills to represents yourself in an interview.
  • Create a final project work with the help of our instructor.

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I joined android training from technovids, it was good. I got the session recordings, too, for revision purposes which helped me a lot.
BE Computer Science
Read More
My friend and I learned IOS development from technovids; training was excellent, we learned and started implementing the concepts immediately.
Software Developer
Read More
I was skeptical about the iOS 11 and Swift 4 online training, but I took and demo and decided to join; I found this a great way of learning compared to the classroom session. The instructor was well experienced and was able to answer all of my queries.
Jolly Somal
Jolly Somal
Read More
It was one of the best iOS training experiences I had. The Technovids team was very supportive. Also, the instructor was able to respond to all of our queries.
Srinivas Murthy
Srinivas Murthy
Read More
Hie everyone, I am very much satisfied with the training from technovids. Now, after completing my training, I feel confident about the tools taught. I would like to suggest that new beginners join this institute as they provide the right, knowledgeable course with experience trainers, especially for the iOS and Swift App Development.

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  • Anyone who wants to learn Swift 4
  • Anyone who wants to develop apps.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to code
  • Anyone who is looking to freshen up their skills.
  • Anyone who is looking to make money from IOS 11 Apps.
  • Anyone looking for a new career.
  • You will need an Apple Mac computer or laptop.
  • You will need the developer software Xcode 9.


Technovids always focus upon the high quality of Training with the experienced faculties carrying decades of real-time work experience that enables them to provide better exposure towards iOS11 & Swift4 Training to expert level. With comprehensive and updated course content customized as per industrial needs, soon after completing your online Training, you will be able to kick start your career.

Technovids always follow the philosophy of delivering training, creating value & difference to once a career. To achieve this goal, we handpick one of the best well-experienced iOS developer trainers from the industry. Who has got the right amount of real-time experience in iOS development, and has good exposure in training people. Real-time experience helps trainers to share their knowledge in other development tools like Xcode, Swift4, UI elements. Ultimately, it allows learners to learn and comprehend training at various major cities of India like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, so to apply knowledge as soon as training is over.

Every training is accompanied by a hands-on project. As a part of iOS11 & Swift4 Training, we cover at least 6+ projects during the training. Apart from this, every concept is explained with the relevant example and suitable exercise, which helps participants to understand and execute fast.

The trainer will assist you with the details of the Certification for iOS developer. However, Technovids will be issuing the Training Completion Certificate to all the participants.

Nowadays because of the internet revolution most of us having access to high-speed internet & video conferencing, which ultimately help eLearning gaining popularity.

Instructor-led iOS11 & Swift4 Online Training (e-learning) can be the most convenient medium of learning from any part of the world. iOS11 & Swift4 online classes are conducted using online software like, WebEx and goto training. All these software provide a live instructor-led training classroom environment, where instructors and attendees can join the class from any part of the world that too without spending time on travel. This is a highly advanced system where instructors and attendees can share their screen, two-way audio meetings and also whiteboards for online classes.

Technovids is a state of an art training institute for Java Development, Android Development and Angular And Node JS, we provide a wide range of online and classroom training for individuals and enterprise, like Swift 4 – Beginner To Advanced, Python 3, C, C++ & C#, feel free to reach us for more details and current offers available.

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