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Android Development

Attend Live Online Android Development course by certificated Instructors. 

This course is all about Developing android applications using Java from Scratch. All the topics covered in this course are up to date so that no need to look further. By the end of this course, you have sound knowledge on how to build real-world android applications and publishing to the Google Play store.

Course highlights:

Android Development
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You will learn to develop any Android application you have thought in your imagination through this training

What You'll Learn from Android Development online course.

Course Content

Introduction to Android studio.

  • Installing android studio.
  • Understanding through sample projects.
  • Learn text formatting, text field and display messages.
  • Create images, convert currency in android studio.

Deep dive with Java

  • Introduction to Java and its fundamentals.
  • Learn variables, Arrays and if statements.
  • Understand Loops, number shapes, classes and objectives.

Android Advance Features.

  • Learn linear and relative layout.
  • Understand to add widgets to home screen.
  • Frame layout, table layout, checkbox, spinner, card view, time picker and broadcast manager.

Create app with multiple activities.

  • Creating activity hierarchies,  Fragments, Explicit and Implicit intents.
  • Navigating between activities using intents, Using Notification Compact to Show Notifications.
  • impact to Show Notifications – Using Pending Intent to package and send a delayed action, Services for executing background work.
  • Using Job Scheduler for syncs and periodic tasks, and Scheduling time sensitive tasks with alarms.

Learn Animation provided by android system.

  • Understand  Internal & External File Storage.
  • Creating settings UI using the preferences framework and reacting to changes in a Shared Preferences instance.
  • Learn Media Player & Video View, Tween Animation, View Property Animation, Frame Animation.

Web services.


Android location framework

  • Learn to fetch Users Current Location, Reverse Geo-coding using Geo-coder.
  • Understand Map Fragment, Showing Current Location on Map, Showing Markers on Map.
  • Exploring different Map Types Animated Zooming using Camera.

Database Framework

  • Understand SQLiteOpenHelper.
  • Accessing static bundled data in assets
  • Learn SQLite Data Types, Mapping between Table & Widgets using Cursor Adapters.
  • Palette for extracting colors from images, Picasso for Image Loading & Caching, ButterKnife for Injecting Views, TimesSquare for showing CalendarView, Cupboard for ORM

Integrate Social media in application.

  • Learn Localization & Facebook Integration.
  • Dropbox Integration & Google Drive Integration.
  • Exploring Android Sensors.
  • Create End-to-end application.
  • End to End App Development including writing and executing automated unit tests on the local JVM, writing and executing automated instrumentation tests on an Android device.
  • Using the system log output to trace code execution, locating an error from the stack trace of an uncaught exception.
  • Using Strict Mode to locate and report threading violations and leaks.
  • Using Proguard to obfuscate applications, Generating Signing Keys, Publish the application on Google Play Store (Live Demo), Doubts & Queries Using Proguard to obfuscate applications.

Android Training Requirements

  • Students should have basic knowledge of Java.
  • Students should have knowledge of basic Java. concepts such as inheritance, classes, and methods.
  • Students should be familiar with the concepts like loops, variables,s, and objects.
  • Students should have a PC that has at least 4GB of RAM for running the apps on the emulator to run the normal apps. and students should have an android.
  • Device to run heavy apps and games.
  • A computer with internet access.
  • A willingness to learn and study Android Studio.

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I have done my Jira workshop from Technovids. This institute has high-quality trainers who are having a good experience—the best training institute in Bangalore. I am happy to join Technovids.
Kiran reddy
Kiran reddy
Selenum Tester
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I have completed Jira workshop training from this institute. The faculties are excellent and helpful in every aspect. The courses are comprehensive to IT standards, providing good exposer to the tool. I am satisfied with the training provided. I would recommend this institute to all for all your training needs.
Software Administrator
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One of my friends recommended me Technovids. I realized that it is one of the best training institutes that provide; hands-on experience with good exposure to the assessments. I have done Jira workshop training and got to learn a fair amount of knowledge from it.
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I joined this workshop training as this institute provides good training options, which are too good to select as per knowledge. Trainers are good, and even they provide satisfactory assistance. Overall I am satisfied with the training as I got what I need in a budget full amount.
Srinivas Murthy
Srinivas Murthy
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Hie everyone, I am very much satisfied with the training from technovids. Now, after completing my training, I feel confident about the tools taught. I would like to suggest that new beginners join this institute as they provide the right, knowledgeable course with experience trainers, especially for the Jira workshop.

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  • Any student looking to learn how to develop android applications.
  • Students with basic knowledge of Java who want to develop android apps.
  • Students who need a basic introduction to game development using platforms such as Libgdx.
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