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React JS Developer Online Course

React JS Developer Online Course covers all the essential topics of React JS. 


React Front-end is an open-source front-end framework based on JavaScript, developed by Facebook, and best known for its virtual DOM feature.


The React framework is an excellent tool for web development, and as cool as it is, it is straightforward to learn. React Developer will gain an edge if you learn to react and become React Programmer just in time. 


React Web Design is a pretty simple library and easy to get started with. If you continue to work with the language, you should be able to write enterprise-ready UIs in 4-6 months. Enroll in the React Online course and make a difference. 

React JS Developer Online Course
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React JS is an open-source front-end framework based on JavaScript, primarily known for its virtual DOM feature.

Who is React JS Developer Online Course for?

Well, expertise in ReactJS is a highly sought-after skill today, and recruiters highly prefer candidates who possess front-end React Developer because it is used for building user interfaces and handling the view layer for mobile web apps. Furthermore, a great advantage of the ReactJS Online course is that it allows developers to create large-scale web apps that can continuously update data without reloading the page. Hence, mastering the subject is essential.


Knowing the front-end Front-End Web Development and the ReactJS portfolio can get you a high-paying job.


So anyone with the knowledge of the primary front end can learn ReactJS Online. Also, JavaScript is a must to understand React.  

What will you learn in React JS Developer Online Course?

React JS Developer Online Course is designed as per the extensive market research & based on a job need for React front-end developers.


In React JS Developer Online Course we will cover the react JS from basic to advanced. The one opting for this course should have a prior understanding of the front-end, especially the knowledge of JavaScript.


You will learn Frond-end ReactJS with more practical-oriented classes. Also, we will give you the project to make sure that you apply all the concepts learned during the lessons.

Why take React JS Developer Online Course?

React full stack developer is a market trend and getting used extensively. React course prepares you with the latest updates.


React is the next level for anyone who is into front-end development. React JS Online training is also suitable for a fresher, experienced looking to change the domain.


Technovids conducts React JS Developer Online courses as well as React classroom sessions.

Course Content

React Introduction

  • Overview of frameworks, libraries for client-side Web applications
  • React introduction
  • Environment Setup for React Application
  • Understanding NPM commands
  • VS Code extensions for ES6, React


React Essential Features and Syntax

  • React App Project Directory Structure
  • Overview of Webpack, Babel
  • React Component Basic
  • Create React Component
  • Understanding JSX
  • Limitations of JSX
  • Working with Components and Reusing Components


React Components, Props, and State

  • Understanding and using Props and State
  • Handling Events with methods
  • Manipulating the State
  • Two-way data-binding
  • Functional (Stateless) VS Class (Stateful) Components
  • Parent-Child Communication
  • Dynamically rendering contents
  • Showing Lists, List and keys


Styling Components

  • CSS Styling
  • Scoping Styles using Inline Styles
  • Limitations of inline styles
  • Inline Styles with Radium
  • Using Pseudo-classes/media queries with inline styles
  • CSS Modules, importing CSS classes
  • Adding Bootstrap, Semantic UI to React apps
  • Using react-bootstrap, react strap packages


Debugging React Apps

  • Understanding React Error Messages
  • Handling Logical Errors,
  • Debugging React apps using google developer tools and React DevTool
  • Understanding Error Boundaries


React Component life cycle

  • Updating life cycle hooks
  • PureComponents
  • React’s DOM Updating Strategy
  • Returning adjacent elements
  • Fragments


React Component in Details

  • Higher-Order Components
  • Passing unknown Props
  • Validating Props
  • Using References
  • React Context API
  • Updated LifeCycle hooks (16.3)
  • Best practices for React Projects
  • Demo apps


HTTP Requests/Ajax Calls

  • HTTP Requests in React
  • Introduction of Axios package
  • HTTP GET Request, fetching & transforming data
  • Handling Errors
  • Adding/Removing Interceptors
  • Creating/Using Axios instances


React Routing

  • Routing and SPAs
  • Setting Up the Router Package
  • react-router vs react-router-dom
  • Preparing the Project For Routing
  • Switching Between Pages, Routing-Related Props
  • The “withRouter” HOC & Route Props
  • Passing & extracting route/query parameters
  • Using Switch to Load a Single Route
  • Navigating Programmatically


React Forms and Form Validation

  • Creating a Custom Dynamic Input Component
  • Setting Up a JS Config for the Form
  • Dynamically Create Inputs based on JS Config
  • Adding a Dropdown Component
  • Handling User Input
  • Handling Form Submission
  • Adding Custom Form Validation
  • Fixing a Common Validation
  • Adding Validation Feedback
  • Showing Error Messages
  • Handling Overall Form Validity

Deploying React App to the Web
Testing React apps with JEST

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Govind Singh
React Developer
Read More
Awesome Course! I loved the React JS Developer Online Course because it teaches the basics to advance of ReactJs systems. It is the ultimate course for beginners as it covers all the basics of front-end development with react.
Nitin Bharadwaj
Frontend developer
Read More
After trying various courses and exploring many other websites to learn the complete React JS Developer Online course, I have finally found the one I am searching for! Technovids all about the entire ReactJs course is a fun and exciting course. the lectures are excellent and easy to understand
Suresh Singh
Frontend Developer
Read More
Very well explained on every topic. After taking this React JS Developer Online course, I have a straightforward understanding of the modern React and its underlying working mechanism.
Praveen Rathore
full stack developer
Read More
Quite an exciting syllabus of this React JS Developer Online course. I am focusing on the essential components of the language. Beginner to advance with excellent projects. I learned a lot from React JS Developer Online course. This course also prepared me for the interview. I am looking forward to the other systems using the same syllabus. Thank you, Technovids, for this course and your hard work.
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It is good for beginners, but you can learn after completing HTML, CSS & Javascript.

React is developed for front-end work developed by Facebook.

If you know HTML & CSS, then learning React should be a relatively straightforward process. React has its own unique set of challenges, but React is an excellent tool to start your career or further your career as a web developer.

Yes! You can, but you need to know HTML, CSS & JavaScript.


Register for the React Js Developer Course now.

React is flexible and efficient, and its modular structure means that it’s much easier to manage and update React projects than those developed with other JavaScript libraries. The pre-built functions in React will also save time that you’d otherwise spend developing your project line by line.

React. Js is an open-source JavaScript library. React JS is used for creating the view layer for the web. Through React, we can create reusable UI components.

Technovids React JS Developer Online course is the best source for learning react development.

At first, need to learn HTML, CSS, and javascript; then, it will be easy for you to know React because React is much harder to learn than JavaScript if you attempt to learn it first.

Yes, React is an open-source JavaScript framework.

Yes, ReactJS is one of the most powerful front-end JavaScript frameworks.

Including Uber, Airbnb, Facebook, and more, 10694 companies reportedly use React in their tech stacks.

React is one of the best tools for web development, and it’s straightforward to learn. Learning React JS at the right time puts you at a higher advantage. So step up with your web development career with React js developer online course from Technovids.

Yes, React JS is a popular and widely used programming language since almost every web developer or a full-stack developer uses it.

One of the main benefits of using React JS is its potential to reuse components. It saves time for developers as they don’t have to write various codes for the same features. Furthermore, any changes will not affect other parts of the application.

 So what are you waiting for, register now for the React JS Developer Online Course?

It would help if you started your learning path by learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


React is built on JavaScript, so you must learn JavaScript before learning React.


Once you are done with the essential learning, you can enroll in the React JS Developer Online course or contact the technovids team for further assistance.

First-time learners might find it hard initially. This is because you will be essentially learning both languages simultaneously. However, learning React will be incredibly easy if you try learning JavaScript first.


Enquire now for more information about the React JS Developer Online Course.

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