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full stack Web Development Training using  Python & Django

In this course of full stack Web Development Training using  Python & Django is the best best online python course. We will cover everything about web development through Python, Django, and many other technologies. We would give you a brief knowledge of front end technologies, including CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. 

Through online python course course, anyone can become a web developer, with our expert Trainers and hands-on practical assessments.

best online python course

Course highlights:

Full Stack Web Development using Python & Django
(787 Review)

We would give you brief knowledge of front end and back-end Technologies using Python and Django.


What will you Learn from full stack Web Development Training using  Python & Django Course.

Course Content


  • Overview of the course
  • Setting up infrastructure
  • Understanding Django

HTML basic to Advance

  • Introduction to HTML.
  • Learn about HTML tags.
  • And creating Lists.
  • Learn brief about Div, span, and attribute Tags.
  • Learn about creating tables and Forms in HTML.
  • Understand the use of labels and selections.
  • Hands-on Projects.
  • Learn CSS from Basic to Advance.
  • Introduction to CSS.
  • Learn basic of CSS and use them for styling.
  • Learn how to use custom and downloaded fonts in CSS.
  • Hands on Project on CSS
  • Introduction to Bootstrap.
  • Learn how to use buttons with bootstrap and create amazing forms.
  • Learn to create navigation bar with the help of bootstrap.
  • Learn fundamental concept of Grid system.
  • Hands on project on Bootstrap.
  • Learn Java Script from Basic to Advance.
  • Learn the use of operators and Control flow in JavaScript.
  • Understand the use of Loop and While loop.
  • Lean the use of functions and Arrays.
  • Understand the use of objects in java scripts
  • Hands on projects.
  • Learn object and jQuery.
  • Introduction to object model.
  • Learn about DOM and content interaction.
  • Understand the concept of Event.
  • Learn essential of web technology with jQuery.
  • Overview of Jquery.
  • Hands-on Projects.
  • Learn Python basic to Advance.
  • Introduction to Python.
    Installation and infra.
  • Set up.
  • Learn strings, Lists and Dictionaries of Python.
    Understand Tuples, Sets, and Booleans.
  • Learn Scope and oriented Programing.
  • Basic concept Oop, Error and exceptions.
  • Package and Models with hand- on praticals.
  • Introduction to Django.
    Understanding basics of Django and to use it with Python for back-end web development.
  • Learning URL mapping and understanding concept of templates.
  • Learn to create Django Models and popular Scripts.
  • Learning template inheritance Coding.
    Learn to code user Models and Forms.
  • Introduction to CBVs and deployment of Django.
  • Introduction to CBVs
    Creating template view with CBV.
  • Introduction to Django deployment.
  • Setting up GITHUB account.
  • Hands-on Project – Deployment of Django.

Hands – on projects.
Creating project on Social media clone.
Understanding use of Debug toolbar.
Learn to Customize Django Admin.
Soft skill program( interview preparation and resume writing)

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What's Included

Full Stack Web Development Training Using Python & Django​ Life cycle


This stage involves clarity of the goal you want to achieve, which covers types, functionality and purpose of website


it is where the sitemap is developed, thus serving guide for topics and sub topics for easy navigation.

Design & Development

The primary purpose is to visualize the layout of the content and information structure of the website through logo, color, image and basic functional.


In this stage the writing text for the web site is developed as per your site map.

Coding and Testing

At this stage programmers converts the graphic elements into real website according to sitemap hierarchy. After this testing of each and every link is done so as to make sure every thing is working.


the development process is never over, once your new website is launched it is important to revisit it periodically to evaluate your content, format and traffic to your site.

Student's Reviews

Join Our Most Popular and highly rated online Python Course. Contact our course Advisor Now.
BE Computer Fresher
Read More
Technovids have really helped me in shaping my career into the Web development field. Under the guidance of expert Trainers and comprehensive course modules, I got exposure to various aspects of technologies used in it.
Web Developer
Read More
I would like to thank Technovids for its support in getting my first job as a Developer. Indeed, online training from experienced trainers has molded my knowledge and helped me learn all the course aspects through Hands-on assignments. Thankyou Technovids for training so nicely
Paulomi Mukherjee
Paulomi Mukherjee
Read More
I have completed the Full-stack web Development Python Django course, and now I am working in a private firm. Technovids Training institute has high-quality training with quality teaching faculty providing excellent support.
Sushmita Pandey
Sushmita Pandey
Read More
I got trained by Anand. I appreciate the kind of knowledge Technovids's faculty had. He taught us each concept and practical scenarios, and I also worked on a live project. I am happy to learn this course from Technovids.
Ankit Jaiswal
Ankit Jaiswal
Job Seeker
Read More
It was a great experience of learning the website development course from Technovids. I did join the online training session. The online session was as good as the classroom session. I could follow each and every concept. Thanks, Technovids team.
Vivek pal
Vivek pal
Read More
I joined the web development course. I asked the concerned counselor to change the trainer as I was not able to follow. They took my request positively. After a couple of days, they assigned another instructor. He taught us well & I am confident of handling any of the web development assignments now.
Web Developer
Read More
I got Technovids while searching for one of the best institutes for web development training. I also checked their google reviews; most of the reviews were good except 1/2. I got trained from Technovids; they made their promise of delivering the best training.
Team Lead
Read More
I joined web development using python & Django course from Technovids; it was a well-planned web development course. The trainer taught us all the concepts from very much basics to the advanced level; also, we did many practicals, which made us perfect in whatever we learned.
Rohit Kumar
Rohit Kumar
e-commerce web Application
Read More
One of my friend suggested me to join the Python course from Technovids. I inquired for the same & found it precisely relevant to my need. I did the python with Django training from Technivids. We got trained by Vishwanath, I always recommend Technovids for similar or any other courses.
UI Designer
Read More
I did the web development training from Technovids. Other than some technicals faults, rest all went well. Course structure, delivery of the content, study material & support; everything was okay. I am good to rate Technovids 5 out of 5 stars.

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Django is an open-source web framework for model-based architectural patterns. Django provides a path for developers to built database-driven websites.

It reduces web development time through reusability and efficiency. Django is used for database-intensive sites, such as Instagram and Nextdoor.
It renders dynamic websites using very less code with plugin components and is maintained on GITHUB repo.  Django developers are very highly demanded as websites developer with their database needs.

Technovids always focus upon the high quality of Training with the experienced faculties carrying decades of real-time work experience that enables them to provide better exposure towards Web-Development Training with python and Django to expert level. Comprehensive course content customized as per industrial needs, so that soon after completing your training, you will be able to kick start your career.
Technovids enable us to grasp UX/UI development through its Full-stack web-development course with Python/Django, making the entire course interesting with Hand-on practical.

All the trainers at Technovids have highly experienced working professionals with more than 10 years of working experience in the respective domain. They also have good exposure to training within internal as well as external resources. Technovids have 200+ instructors & the list is continuously growing.

After having knowledge of Web development, you can move forward to master any of the programming languages. To achieve more proficiency in Web development, you can upgrade the skills in other technologies also. Our experienced trainers will guide you throughout your way to become a Web Developer with a bunch of hands-on training.
Technovids ensure that every individual gets complete assistance towards the certification program through its comprehensive course content.

Individuals having a basic knowledge of any of the programming concepts would help but not mandatory. even if you lack with this, we would gear you up with the basic knowledge and then move ahead with the training.

We always focus upon practical hands-on training along with the theory session. After completion of each module we have a project regarding the module along with the Mega project at the end of the Training.

We continuously take the training feedback and open for any issue resolution at any point of time. In worst cases if you don’t want to continue with the instructor assigned, we can talk and can get your instructor replaced.

Nowadays because of the internet revolution most of us having access to high-speed internet & video conferencing, which ultimately help the eLearning gaining popularity.

Instructor-led Web Development with Python & Django Online Training (e-learning) can be the most convenient medium of learning from any part of the world. Web Development with Python & Django online classes are conducted using online software like, WebEx and gototraining. All these software provide a live instructor-led training classroom environment, where instructors and attendees can join the class from any part of the world that too without spending time on travel.

This is a highly advanced system where instructors and attendees can share their screen, two-way audio meetings and also whiteboards for online classes. Also, class recordings are one of the unique features that help the audience strengthen their learning. all Web Development with Python & Django online sessions are recorded and will be shared with the attendees at the end of the session, so you can revise the session anytime.

Learn Web Development with Python & Django online with us:

Web Development with Python & Django online classes in Bangalore
Web Development with Python & Django online classes in Chennai
Web Development with Python & Django online classes in Delhi
Web Development with Python & Django online classes in Kolkata
Web Development with Python & Django online classes in London
Web Development with Python & Django online classes in Chicago
Web Development with Python & Django online classes in San Francisco
Web Development with Python & Django online classes in Dallas
Web Development with Python & Django online classes in Washington
Web Development with Python & Django online classes in New York
Web Development with Python & Django online classes in Boston
Web Development with Python & Django online classes in Singapore

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