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1 Day Jira Administration workshop

Attend Live Online 1 days Jira Administration workshop by a Certified Scrum Trainer. 

Jira software is used to track the activities of the project as new features are implemented or defects are fixed. Jira support Agile management, where team creates scum Board, task, defects and track them daily. As different organization practice different workflow and permission to the user, this can be achieved through administrative rights.

Course highlights:

1 Day Jira Administration workshop
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Jira administrator helps to manage users, apply global permissions, create projects, access control to the products and update workflow.

What You'll Learn from1 Day Jira Administration workshop.

Course Content

Day 1

  • Create Login in Jira Cloud site.
  • Create new Scrum Project.
  • Perform the project configuration.
  • Perform the Board configuration; understand how to
  • create the customized workflow.
  • Create and modify cards Layout, which helps in day to day inspect and adapt.
  • A quick recap of the user stories, story point estimation, backlog refinement, sprints planning.
  • A quick recap of the planning poker.
  • Define a Product, and identify Features, user stories, acceptance criteria.
  • Create the product backlog.
  • Prioritize and estimate the user stories.
  • Create the Sprint; assign the user stories and bugs to the team.
  • The team creates the subtasks for the user stories.
  • The team provides estimation for the subtasks.
  • Add the bugs in the product backlog and bring them in the sprint backlog.
  • Start the sprint; provide the sprint goal considering acceptance criteria and DOD.
  • Learn how to manage tasks as the team members.
  • Create the dependencies among tasks, and dependencies of user story on its subtasks.
  • Learn how to log the time spent on the subtask and how it impacts the remaining effort.
  • Understand sprint burndown the chart to identify issues in the early stages.
  • Learn to perform release planning and predictability of finishing the release on time.
  • The team will also build built-in quality mindset.
  • Understand Cumulative Flow diagram in detail.
  • Identify the outliers and learn how to avoid them in the future.
  • The team will also learn to provide, Work in progress limit and also determine its benefits.
  • A quick recap of the retrospection and how to conduct and document it in the Jira.
  • Link with confluence and how to use confluence effectively.

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What's Included

Important features of Jira

Jira is used for project tracking

This software tracks ongoing projects at any stage. The side bar tool gives every detail of releasing, Planning, reporting and Tracking.

Can be used as mobile application

Jira software tool comes with the mobile application which is compatible with iOS and Android in addition to desktop to support remote team.

Jira has great security level

Its bug tracking software restricts the bug to only those people who are allowed to work on them, thus creating security level on bugs. It also applies permission scheme on the assigned project or any running project.

Jira gives notification

With this feature Jira provides user with required information of the on going project. These are email alert issue which can also be alerts of overdue tasks.

Jira issues templates

It uses template to create issues like subtask and predefined process. You can also customize your template for future use.

Student's Reviews

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I have done my Jira workshop from Technovids. This institute has high-quality trainers who are having a good experience—the best training institute in Bangalore. I am happy to join Technovids.
Kiran reddy
Kiran reddy
Selenum Tester
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I have completed Jira workshop training from this institute. The faculties are excellent and helpful in every aspect. The courses are comprehensive to IT standards, providing good exposer to the tool. I am satisfied with the training provided. I would recommend this institute to all for all your training needs.
Software Administrator
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One of my friends recommended me Technovids. I realized that it is one of the best training institutes that provide; hands-on experience with good exposure to the assessments. I have done Jira workshop training and got to learn a fair amount of knowledge from it.
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I joined this workshop training as this institute provides good training options, which are too good to select as per knowledge. Trainers are good, and even they provide satisfactory assistance. Overall I am satisfied with the training as I got what I need in a budget full amount.
Srinivas Murthy
Srinivas Murthy
Read More
Hie everyone, I am very much satisfied with the training from technovids. Now, after completing my training, I feel confident about the tools taught. I would like to suggest that new beginners join this institute as they provide the right, knowledgeable course with experience trainers, especially for the Jira workshop.

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This workshop is planned for the engineers willing to learn to set up a scrum project, scrum board, create the scrum team, fine-tune the card layout. Perform the sprint planning, size the user stories in story points. Create Subtasks in the user stories, if required, estimate the subtasks in hrs/days/ minutes. Track the subtask in time units and track the sprint user stories in story points.

To learn Jira, a basic understanding of the requirement gathering in agile software development, such as user stories, task, and story point estimation is needed.

 Project managers, Developers, Product owners, managers, architects, coders, testers, team leads.

We follow 60:40 ratio, Practicals, Theory respectively. In short I can say that your training will be the mixed of theory and hands on, we will try and cover as much as hands on possible as a part of every training.
We continuously take the training feedback and open for any issue resolution at any point of time. In worst cases if you don’t want to continue with the instructor assigned, we can talk and can get your instructor replaced.

We conduct Agile & Scrum online classes using the various live online meeting platforms like Jio meet, google meet, zoom, or Zoho, etc.

All the classes are highly interactive with two-way audio-video communication. Trainer & all the learners can interact with each other.

These platforms give the facilities like sharing of the screen, giving control to your system, taking remote access, sharing files, whiteboard, Recording of the session, etc.,

Live online Agile & Scrum sessions are as active as classroom training. We invite any number of doubts, clarifications at any point in time.

Learn Agile & Scrum online with us:

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Agile & Scrum online classes in Singapore

We share soft copy of the study materials with class recordings.

It would be preferred if you bring in your laptop as everyone is more comfortable working on it’s own pc.

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