Those days are gone, when software development was a hectic task, with month-long deadlines for creation, testing, and deployment of software. This happened primarily due to compromised quality of software, which was delivered without proper assessment of code in a rush to meet the timeline barely. Fast forward to today, development teams are yearning for more intuitive development experience. What was considered to be an exemplary model for delivering high-end software, the same waterfall practice is slowly taking a backseat?

Taking its place, modern software delivery models such as Agile and DevOps. Let’s take a short dive into their intricacies.

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To summarize, the Agile methodology is based on 12 specific principles, which boils down to one objective: customer satisfaction to the fullest through ongoing changes in the code in an efficient manner. The entire process revolves around adaptive planning, which is followed by evolutionary software development and timely delivery. Numerous software development methodologies and frameworks such as Lean, Kanban, Scrum, Crystal, and DevOps come under the Agile category.

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As mentioned, DevOps is a software delivery practice that comes under the broader Agile framework and is chiefly based on the Agile and Lean practice areas. More than just a conventional software delivery procedure, DevOps can be better termed as a mindset, that needs to be inculcated among the development teams in order to pave the way for a more mature and sustainable coding environment. To understand the areas of difference between Agile and DevOps, it is foremost important to outline the similarities between these two practices.

DevOps and Agile—Similarities

On a broader note, both Agile and DevOps are ongoing software development methods. Both the methodologies primarily take care of fast-paced development without impacting the operations from a negative side.

DevOps vs. Agile

While both are mature software development practices, the major differences between Agile and DevOps occur after the development stage. Here is how:

      • Although Agile methods are confined to creation, assessment and evaluation of code, DevOps practices continue to improve the software code on a continual basis.
      • Agile requires designated experts for every stage of software development, for instance, developing, testing, and leverage of the software. However, DevOps engineers are responsible for an intertwined cycle of development and operations.
      • While DevOps focuses on predictive measures while developing software, the Agile methodology stresses the empiricism technique that involves observation, adaptation, and inspection, all while maintaining high-level transparency.
      • DevOps emphasizes cost-cutting measures during software development, thereby ensuring timely mature software releases. On the other hand, Agile is more concerned with the reduction of e-waste and usage of lean.
      • As opposed to Agile, DevOps stresses internal and immediate feedback leading to faster results. DevOps teams leverage automation for the mundane tasks and focus on the high-end ones, ensuring all operations are on the same fast-paced line.
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