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Microsoft BI Training  isn’t a theory-based component / classes. On the flip side, when there’s a BI in place, they’ll be in a position to acquire accurate historical data, trending, forecasting, thereby getting rid of the need for guesswork.

BI is about getting the appropriate Data to the point of decision in the simplest way possible. So BI is just the procedure for transforming the technical data into user understandable details.

Microsoft BI Training

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What you’ll learn from

Microsoft BI Training (MSBI) "online or classroom course"?

Post completion of the Microsoft BI course, you will be able to:

Course Agenda


SSIS Course Objectives : 16 Hrs

  • Need for SSIS
  • SSIS and DTS Comparison
  • SSIS Architecture
  • Control Flow Architecture Data Flow Architecture Data Pipeline Usage Precedence Constraints
  • SSIS Event Handler
  • SSIS Components
  • SSIS Development Studio – BIDS SSIS Runtime Services
  • SSIS Package Deployment
  • SSIS Folders and File Structure
  • SSIS Data Types
  • SSIS Variables
  • Connection Managers
  • Data Flow Tasks usage
  • SSIS Expressions

Control Flow

  • For Loop Container
  • For each Loop Container
  • Sequence Container
  • Bulk Insert Task Data Flow Task Execute Package Task
  • Execute SQL Task File System Task FTP Task
  • Script Task
  • Send Mail Task
  • Transfer Database Task
  • WMI Data Reader Task WMI Event Watcher
  • Task XML Task
  • Maintenance Plan Task Backup Database
  • Task Shrink Database Task.

Data Flow Task

  • Understanding of Extraction, Transformation, Loading
  • Data Flow Sources

ADO NET Source, Excel Source

  • Flat File Source, OLE DB Source,
  • XML Source

Row Transformation

  • Character Map Transformation
  • Copy Column Transformation
  • Data Conversion Transformation Derived Column
  • Transformation
  • Script Component Transformation OLEDB Command transformation

Rowset Transformation

  • Aggregate Transformation, Sort Transformation, Percentage
  • Sampling Transformation,
  • Row Sampling Transformation, Pivot Transformation, Unpivot
  • Transformation

Other Transformation

  • Export Column
  • Import Column
  • Audit
  • Row Count
  • Slowly Changing Dimension

Split and Join Transformation

  • Conditional Split
  • Multicast
  • Merge
  • Merge Join
  • Union All
  • Lookup

Data Quality Transformation

  • Fuzzy Lookup
  • Fuzzy Grouping

Data Mining Transformation

  • Data Mining Query
  • Term Extraction
  • Term Lookup

Synchronous and Asynchronous Transformation

SSIS Expression

Data Sources

  • Debugging Control Flow
  • Debugging Data Flow
  • Debugging Script Task
  • Packaging Configuring
  • XML File Configuring
  • Multiple Configuring File, Package Logging
  • Error Handling
  • Basic Error Detection and Handling
  • Understanding of Event Handler
  • Maintaining Data Consistency with Transactions
  • Checkpoint, Checkpoint Restarts and Transaction
  • Creating Deployment Utility, Securing Package
  • Role – Based Security,
  • Deployment Option
  • Monitoring Package Execution and Event Logs
  • Optimizing SSIS Packages

Best Practices in SSIS, Real Time Scenario Discussion, Mock Project – 1 – Automation

Legend: Students/Trainees should know/Aware before attending this course

Basic SQL Server knowledge, SQL Server Run Time Services, SQL Server Agent

After completion of this tool, Students will able to Handel the ETL Process, Design SSIS Package etc

SSAS Course Objectives : 16 Hrs

  • Data warehouse concepts
  • Data warehouse Architecture
  • Difference between Ralph Kimball and Bill Inmon’s
  • What is Business Intelligence?
  • Difference between OLTP vs. OLAP
  • Understanding of OLAP, MOLAP, ROLAP What is SSAS? Need for SSAS
  • SSAS Architecture
  • Understanding of CUBE Structure
  • Understanding of Schemas (Star, Snowflake) Data Source usage, Data Source View
  • Computed and Named Queries
  • Understanding of Dimension Table
  • Creating Dimension Table
  • Understanding of Parent – Child Dimension
  • Building Levels, Understanding of Fact Table
  • Creating Fact Table
  • Measures and Additives, Semiadditive Measures
  • Understanding of Aggregation Designing User Hierarchies Optimizing Aggregation, Query Log
  • Usage Based Optimization
  • Cube  Operations  –  Dimension  usage  and  Flexible cubes
  • Building Fact-Dimension, Creating Calculation,
  • MDX Scripting for Calculation
  • Defining KPI’s and usage Partitioning, Perspective and usage What is MDX? Need of MDX
  • MDX Basics, Complex MDX Queries,
  • MDX Functions
  • What is Data mining? Need for Data Mining
  • Data mining structures and Algorithm
  • Data mining levels, operating predictions
  • Prediction Functions and Analysis
  • Using Role based security, Object level access
  • Drill through Security, Windows Level Authentication, Security Audits.
  • Deployment phases: OLAP Database Backups,
  • Compression and Encryptions
  • Restore Option, Write – Backs in Cube
  • Automating Database Processing using SSIS Verification Techniques
  • Managing Deploy Process

Best Practices in SSAS, Real Time Scenario Discussion, Mock Project – 1

After completing of this course students will able to do: Design CUBE -OLAP DB

SSRS Course Objectives : 8 Hrs

  • Understanding of Reports, Introduction to SSRS,
  • Need for SSRS
  • Reporting Services
  • SSRS three phase Lifecycle
  • SSRS Architecture
  • Reporting components, Tools, Web Service
  • Requirements and usage
  • SSRS and IIS, and SQL Server Web Services
  • Requirement for Virtual Directories
  • Report planning, Data Sources,
  • Enterprise and Adhoc-reports
  • Optimizing Data Sources
  • Configuring connection and Data providers
  • Report   Designer:   Wizard   based   reports,   
  • custom reports Using Table and Matrix
  • Chart based report and images
  • SSRS Expression,
  • Parameter and Multi valued Parameter
  • Filters in Data source
  • Sub Reports, Reporting Option,
  • Tabular Reports
  • Exporting Reporting data
  • Understanding of Report models
  • Designing Report models
  • Identifying Entities
  • Identifying different Attributes
  • Numerical Aggregation,
  • Time Aggregation
  • Deployment Option
  • Build and Deploy, publishing reports
  • Configuration Option
  • Managing Configuration Files
  • Creating Standard Subscription
  • Data Driven Subscription
  • Subscription Logging options
  • Benefits of SSRS Logging
  • Server Level Logging Options
  • Report level logging
  • Audit reports execution

Best Practices in SSRS, Real Time Scenario Discussion, Mock Project – 1

After completing of this course students will able to do: Design Reports, publish reports subscription of the reports.

After completing of MSBI course students will able to give solution to Business and handle the MSBI Projects, will become MSBI Developer

Students Reviews

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Saniel Kertketa
Saniel Kertketa
Team lead
Read More
I did the MSBI Online Training from Technovids. The content was very exhaustive. Well-experienced trainers, good support from the team. The overall experience was great.
Joel sham
Joel sham
Read More
I learned the MSBI, including SSIS SSAS & SSRS. Vishwanath sir taught me this subject; it was great learning from him.
Swati Mehar
Swati Mehar
SQL Programmer
Read More
I did join technovids for SQL & MSBI Training. SQL training was conducted by Dinesh & MSBI by Vikas. Both the training was good, and Now I plan to do the Power BI & other training from technovids.
Anjali Sharma
Anjali Sharma
Data Analyst
Read More
I am happy to join Advance Excel online course. The instructor, Akash, Excel Rock Star -- With Excellent Excel Knowledge & clear communication, completed the class without any problem, happy to join Technovids. thanks
Mridual Gupta
Mridual Gupta
Read More
I was Searching Online Excel Training Institute, and found Technovids, After having a series of conversations, I enrolled for Advanced excel training, which was for 20 hrs Instructor-led Classes, I am based at us, training went well, except some technical glitch on connectivity, thats all fare… will rate 5 star, as trainer and content quality was good.
Subhadeep B
Subhadeep B
Data Analyst
Read More
While searching for BI Training, I got a Technovids reference from my friend. I inquired & finally joined the course. I am thankful to the overall team for this, starting from the course details, study material, training & support.
Tanmay sen
Tanmay sen
Read More
I wanted to learn MIS Reports using Excel, but no time to travel any institute, so I searched Online Excel Training Provider, where I found Technovids Institute. before Joining I attended A free demo, overall training experience was very good, Support staff and trainers are excellent and very professional.
Sumit Deshmukh
Sumit Deshmukh
HR Professional
Read More
Being an HR, I work with substantial employee data & it becomes tough if i don't have the proper excel knowledge. I was knowing the usage of advanced functions but wanted to brushup my skills, joined Technovids. Thanks, Dinesh, for training me with a lot of patience, I had many queries, but he never said NO for anything.
Read More
I was searching for Power BI training but got to know that before learning power bi, I need to learn excel too. I joined excel & Power BI packaged course from Technovids. Both the classes were handled by Rama Krishna. It was a great experience of learning, as well as great support from the Technovids team. Kudos to Technovids.
Vishal Shetty
Vishal Shetty
Senior Analyst
Read More
It was a great experience of doing excel online training from Technovids. All the sessions were very interactive, helped us learning and applying the same to our regular task. I learned the best usage of functions like vlookup, hlookup, etc. I also learned a lot about conditional formatting & pivot.
Report building
Read More
My team and I got trained in excel by expert trainers from Technovids. We learned a lot & I am sure it will help us doing better in our current and upcoming assignments.

Learn More About the Microsoft BI Training

MSBI course is designed to provide insights on different tools in Microsoft Suite (SQL Server Integration Services- SSIS , SQL Server Analysis Services- SSAS , SQL Server Reporting Services- SSRS). It also gives the practical knowledge of data warehousing concepts and how these tools help in developing a robust end-to-end BI solution. MSBI is a power full suite and an ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) tool helps to find solutions for BI and data mining Queries. It will effectively analyze the data to drive value to the organization.

This tool facilitates user to access right and accurate information and work quickly to take better business decisions. This enhances business agility. Using MS BI we can extract data from multiple data sources and load it into a single central destination.

effectively analyze the data to drive value to the organization

The analysis has become the most important step involves in between data and data. Management of the whole analysis is really neat and uncomplicated using the said tool. You’ll also become knowledgeable about SSIS package management and package deployment alongside learning to compose good code utilizing debugging, error handling and logging techniques. Microsoft BI systems may also help companies identify market trends and spot business problems that should be addressed.

You’re going to be taught through the projects, which will boost your abilities and knowledge for the MSBI training course. Nearly all the projects are designed in line with the requirement for the businesses and also bearing in mind the most complex issues. Our group of MSBI Trainers will be in a position to deal with any sort of real-world scenarios effortlessly. You are going to learn the value of SSIS as an integration tool and find a birds-eye-view of the total architecture. The other key aims of the course are as follows.

Learn Microsoft BI(MSBI) Class as per your Schedule


Get Microsoft BI Classroom Training in Bangalore. Microsoft BI Classroom Training has its advantages as you learn in a group, Will have group class, Personalized human touch with participants and trainer. you gain knowledge form trainer as well as from other participants.


Get Microsoft BI Online Training at Flexible time. Online Microsoft BI Training has its advantages as you learn from anywhere, Instructor-Led online Microsoft BI classes are as good as classroom training. Assignment and Practice tests are shared for every topic. Get free demo.


Microsoft BI Fast-Track training has its advantages as you complete Training fast with one to one trainer interaction FastTrack MS BI Training is delivered via classroom and online mode. where you will attend long hour customized Training as per your Requirement.


Microsoft BI Training at your Location, If you are looking to train your team in MSBI, SSAS, SSIS & SSRS. We can help you to deliver a fully customized Microsoft BI Corporate Training by our expert trainers at your location across India. Send us your Requirement at [email protected]

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  • Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI) course is designed for IT professionals who are responsible for implementing and maintaining the reporting and analysis solutions for the organization.

No prior experience is presumed. Professionals aspiring to make a career in Business Intelligence can opt for this course. Knowledge is SQL is Added Advantage

  • After learning this tool we will be able to understand the structure of a Business Intelligence Solution.
  • Design; implement data transformation solution to populate data-marts and data warehouses using SSIS.
  • Microsoft stands as a leader with its user-friendly and cost effective Business Intelligence suite helping customers to get a 360 degree view of their businesses & get max profit from this.
  • Build custom reporting solutions using SSRS.

Technovids is the market leader in terms of providing the Business Analytics trainings. It has a wide range of Analytics trainings starting from Excel, VBA, SAS, SQL, R, Data science, etc. We always focus on delivering the quality training with the best possible support. Entire training would be a mix of theory and hands on, whereas our main focus will be there to offer a max of hands on.

Microsoft BI Training course has also been designed considering your target to write the certification exam. The Outline is being designed as per Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Exam standard.

Technovids provides 3 types of training

  • Instructor led training – Live session with limited no of people
  • Self-paced Training
  • Corporate training – In house training to enhance your experience and reach out to more people in the organization.
  • Self-paced training is designed for the people who are not able to attend the session schedule on a specific timeline. Here participants are open to access the training anytime from anywhere.
  • Self-paced training helps participants repeat the session, multiple times as per their understanding.


We offer the real time projects which covers all the learning you do as a part of this course. The Trainer will help you understand the project and will guide you to get it done as expected from all.

We have our dedicated team works with industry connects and with the help of them Technovids offers job assistance to all the people looking out for a change.

Yes, it can be possible, Request you, to talk to the concern account manager from Technovids, he will help you get this done.

After completion of the Microsoft BI Training we offer training completion certificate which is very much accepted by the industry. Certificate issued is an Autonomous certificate and doesn’t require any authorization. All the certificates are issued only to the participants attended and have completed the program successfully.

Get ready to accelerate your skills with Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI).

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