Most of us are searching about the coronavirus updates, this word has affected many to date, and the intensity is increasing day by day. I hope we shall get a solution to this problem soon. Recently got some news (on 12th March) that Israel has developed a vaccine for Corona, I hope this is confirmed news and MASS can get benefitted from this.

Good to see the world getting united fighting with CORONA. At some point in time, Corona is putting a barrier in our sped but, cannot  stop us., At least it can’t stop our learning curve.

Companies and leaders are communicating not to do any mass gathering. Many of the companies have stopped their L&D practices for a limited time. We can stop gathering but can’t terminate the learning, right?


Why don’t we go with the OILT – Online Instructor-Led training, which is as effective as the classroom training session conducted? OILT gives the flexibility to record your learning and revise your knowledge using the recorded session of your last class, sounds excellent, Yes! it is.


OILT offered by Technovids gives you the high flexibility of learning and records your knowledge for future reference.

Now the next question can be, Can we record all the training?

Yes, we are recording all the videos and audio clips. So anything which you can see on your computer screen can be recorded.

How does it work?
      • You need to have your PC (Laptop/Desktop). You can also attend your session using your mobile, but for better clarity, we recommend the usage of PC.
      • Should have a good internet connection (at least 2 MBPS should suffice).
      • Microphone for better sound,
      • That’s all; we are good to go.
Is this an interactive class?

Yes, it is like a classroom session only; the only difference is that we all are sitting at our locations and connect using the Zoom meeting platform (

      • You can see the trainer’s screen;
      • You can raise your hand for any query,
      • you can drop a chat message,
      • you can talk to a trainer,
      • you can share your screen with trainers and others to showcase your work/problem.
Can I download the class recordings?

Yes, you can. Post completion of your training, you will receive the class recording download link within 3-4 hours, you have to get it downloaded within 72 hours as post 72 hours it will be deleted from our server.

Do I need to pay extra for the class recordings?

No, this is a complimentary service from Technovids.

Can I get a demo before joining?

Yes, you can ask your course advisor to organize a demo for you, post attending the demo, you can confirm for the upcoming batch. Contact here for more info

Who will be the instructor?

All of our trainers are from the industry with more than 10+ years of real-time experience. We always try onboarding the industry experts for our training services, as those are the ones who have experienced the technology in real-time and can train you with real-time examples.

Schedule a demo with respective instructor


How about a practice session, Assignments?

You get a lot of assignments during the training, in fact, we try giving examples after each session just to make sure that you are not missing anything.


Do I get the certificate?

Technovids will issue the training completion certificate after completing the training. Further, you can write the global examination (if interested and if available for that particular technology). The trainer will provide you the necessary assistance for the same.

Ask for a sample certificate, logon to


What if I miss any class?

You don’t need to worry even if you miss any class as you will get the class recordings of the last session, Also in case of further doubts you are open to shoo your queries.

Can I discuss my project with the trainer?

You can, but up to an extent, I mean we don’t want to affect the learning of others too, So if that’s fine, then you can discuss the same with the trainer during the regular session or can get a separate session organized. As mentioned, our core commitment is the training, So the trainer can give you the guidance for the project but, shouldn’t expect his full involvement in the completion. For a detailed discussion regarding this contact our course advisor


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