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Python Programming

Learn Python Programming from Basic to Advance with project covering Web development, Django, and Data visualization

If you want to start a carrier in Python programming, then you will love this Training. Well, experienced industry experts have designed the python programming course. Python programming course will provide great exposure to Beginners and Pro programmers.


Python Programming training will eventually take you through the scratch of programming to advance the Python concept with many hands-on practicals like coding a calculator, Web framework, GUI of programming, data visualization, machine learning, and many more.

Why Python Programming is most Popular

Course highlights:

Python Programing 1
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A complete Beginner to Advance Python course with bunch of hands-on practical’s like coding a calculator, Web framework.

What You'll Learn from Python Programming online Course.

Python Programming Course Content

  • Setting up the infrastructure for Python.
  • Understanding Programming concept.
  • Learning the concept of Python Function, files, and Dictionaries.
  • Creating the first Python script.
  • Understand the concept of integrated development environment IDE.
  • Learn basic programming like- String, Number, manipulation with strings, using Boolean operators, etc.
  • Understand the concept of Arrays, variables and built-in functions.
  • Learn the use of Default, Keyword, Infinite arguments.
  • Learn For & While loops and import libraries into the script.

Project #1- Coding a Calculator.

  • Learn to breakout and continue While Loop.
  • Understand the use of instance variables, classes, and Objects.
  • Learn to add comments to the code and import modules from a relative path.
  • Reading and writing files in Python.
  • Learn the basics of the Python Package Index.
  • Learn to create a virtual environment in Python.

Project #2 Web development using

  • Soft Skill ( Interview grooming and resume preparation).
  • Hands-on Project:
  • Project on Data visualization.
  • Project on creating PyQt Web Browser.

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What's Included

Python Programing 2

Un-common facts about Python programing.

1. Why it is known as “Python”?

According to creator Guido Van Rossum, the name of Python language was derived from the British comedy series “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”.

2. Python Programming does not require Compiler.

Unlike java and C++ which requires compiler, Python relies upon interpreter. The Python byte code is stored in the form of a .pyc file which is then executed by an appropriate virtual machine. This machine acts as a run-time engine of Python.

3. Python Programming is one of the official language of Google.

The language has been part and parcel of Google thanks to its efficiency and portability. It is an easy language to use even when developing big and complex projects.

4. Python Programming is more like English.

You can easily understand what every line of code is doing. Everything is straight forward and direct to the point.

5. Function Unpacking.

You can easily unpack a list of all the functions that you have used.Pr

Student's Reviews
Join Our Most Popular and highly rated Python Course. Contact our course Advisor Now.
Ashish Deshmukh
Ashish Deshmukh
Associate Programmer
Read More
Even being a complete beginner in programming, Trainer helped me learn Python programming concepts with a bunch of hands-on Python Programming Training. This is one of the best institutes which provides excellent Training with an Experience trainer.
Ayesha Patel
Ayesha Patel
BE Computer
Read More
Hi all, python has been my weakest language, I was really scared of this programing programming language. One of my friends suggested this course from Technovids..... indeed it has helped me a lot and now I am more firm in this language. Now I am looking ahead to make a career in Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence.
Web Developer
Read More
A complete Beginner to Advance Python programming course with bunch of hands-on practical's like coding a calculator, Web framework.
B Tech Persuing
Read More
I am pursuing a data science program from some of the re-known colleges, but not happy with the Python module included in the course. So I searched and identified Technovids, one of the best providers of Python training. I am done with the class and happy.
Read More
My friend and I wanted to make a career into web development, So I opted for various courses from Technovids, including Python programming. The course is well designed and met our needs.
Read More
I tried learning python from the online self learning courses but found it difficult. Finally opted for a live training session offered by Technovids. Trainer Anand was very helping & explained me all concepts well in detail.
Read More
I joined python online training from technovids marathahalli. Except some small technical problems everything went well. we are happy with the training provided.
George Sudheer
George Sudheer
Application Developer
Read More
I was not very sure about the online training, attended a demo & decided to move ahead. I could learn Python very well, Also this training changed my perception towards the online training session vs classroom training.

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Our experienced trainers design this course. They will provide great exposure to Beginners and Pro programmers with many hands-on practicals like coding a calculator, Web framework, GUI of programming, data visualization, machine learning, and many more.

Python Programming training course duration is approx 24 hours. We cover a 1-hour session per day. We recommend participants practice at least 1 hour every day to come back with their queries in the next meeting & then continue with further topics. Overall it will take approx 1.5 months to complete the course.

Anyone Can learn Python programming with very minimal knowledge of programming. Also, users who have basic knowledge of programming or want to make a career in programming with little knowledge of programming fundamentals. Even individuals from developer family can opt for this course to make a good future.

Here at technovids, we explain every topic along with sufficient examples. Also, we would be sharing a lot of exercises that will help participants apply their knowledge and come back with the queries they have.

You always have access to the Technovids team for any queries. You can also contact us in case of any problem related to your classes; we would help you shorten the issue.

For delivering any Training it is obvious that Trainer must have Sound knowledge in the Subject and also should adopt the excellent training Methodology so that he/she can reach learners’ expectations.

We at Technovids choose the handpicked Python Trainers from a Data Science background. All Trainers are good at all advanced concepts of Python and also have 8-10 years of working experience in the industry.

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