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Full Stack Web Developer Training With PHP & My SQL

The Full Stack Web Developer Training With PHP & My SQL covers all the essential aspects of web development.


Technovids PHP Training course not only included MySQL but also included front-end development HTML, CSS, and javascript.


You will learn web development from the basics, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP & MySQL.


The full stack web developer training will help you to achieve your goal. Our practical training and PHP projects allow students to become full-stack developers. Students will learn hands-on training with real-time projects and exclusive PHP training. We also help students to get placement after completion of the course.

Full Stack Web Developer Training With PHP & My SQL
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Learn the complete web development using PHP. Web development course using PHP covers web development including HTML, CSS, JavaScript & PHP.

Who is full stack Web Developer Training for?

The Full Stack Web Developer Training with PHP & MySQL has been designed for anyone interested in making a career in the web development area.


Any graduate with basic computer knowledge can opt for this program; we take care of the rest as covered in this course.


full stack developer training will help you for the entry-level opportunity, can also be opted by people looking for a career change in web development and the people working with front end for now and looking to upgrade.

What will you learn in full stack web developer training?

Full stack web developer training covers all the essential topics you require as a full stack web developer, including the front and back end of web development.


We cover HTML, CSS, Java Script, Bootstrap, PHP & MySQl.

The PHP course would be a mix of theory and hands-on. You will do plenty of exercises and practicals to get perfect into the technology. In this PHP & MySQL course, you will be given a project to work on and apply all the learning.

Why take full stack web developer training?

Full Stack Web Developer training with PHP & MySQL course consists of website development front end and backend. This course covers the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP & MySQL.


It is one of the best full stack web developer training with high demand in the market.


PHP MySQL Database course will make you industry-ready with job assistance. If you opt for the online system, you also get access to the class recordings for one year as a compliment.

Course Content for full stack web developer training

1. Introduction to Web technology:
  • What is a web?
  • What is a network?
  • What is the internet?
  • What is web development?
  • What is a browser?
  • What is a web server?
  • What is HTTP?
  • What is the use of HTTP?
  • What is HTML?
  • What is the website?
  • What is a web page?
  • Structure of Web
  • Definition of all the points
  • Install of Editors
  • How to write a program using editors
2.HTML-5 :
      • Structure of Html
      • What are tags?
      • Types of tags
      • Attributes
      • All tags attributes
      • How to apply all the attributes on web-pages
      • How to create a table in Html
      • Attributes of table
      • Example
List :
      • How to create a list
      • Attributes of list
      • Example
      • Attributes of audio/video-tag
      • How to create an audio page
      • How to create a video page
I-frame :
      • What is a nested web page?
      • How to create nested web-pages
      • Attributes of nested web-pages
      • How to define graphics in HTML
      • Attributes of SVG
Form :
      • What is form
      • How to create forms using HTML
      • How to create a log-in page
      • How to create a registration page using the form
      • Attributes of form
3. CSS-3 :
      • What is CSS?
      • What is the use of CSS?
      • Types of CSS
      • How to call CSS inside HTML pages
      • How to set background properties
      • Attributes for background
      • What is box-model in CSS
      • How to work with box-model
      • What is a selector?
      • Types of selector
      • How to apply selector
      • What are combinators?
      • Types of combinators
      • How it is related to selectors
Pseudo-class & Pseudo-elements:
      • What is pseudo-class?
      • What is pseudo-elements
      • Types of pseudo-class
      • Types of pseudo-elements
      • How to apply
Transition, Transform & Animation in CSS :
      • Applications of Transition, Transform & Animation
      • Use of Transition, Transform & Animation
      • Basic Project based on Transition, Transform & Animation.
4. Javascript :
      • What is JavaScript?
      • What is the difference between
      • Java & JavaScript
      • Application of JavaScript
      • Advantages & Disadvantages of JavaScript
      • Types of JavaScript
      • Datatypes in JavaScript
      • Looping Statement
      • Conditional Statement
Function & Arrays:
      • What is function
      • What is array
      • Types of function
      • Methods of array
String & Object :
      • What is string
      • Methods of string
      • What is object
      • How to create an object in js
Date & Math :
      • What is the date method
      • What is the math method
      • Methods of date & math
Collection in js :
      • What is collection
      • Types of collection
Advanced array methods in js
      • JavaScript Closure
      • DOM elements in JavaScript
      • JSON in JavaScript
      • Ajax in JavaScript
      • Canvas using JavaScript
Regular Expression in js:
      • What is the regular expression
      • How to create the dynamic form in js
5. Bootstrap:
      • What is bootstrap
      • How to apply bootstrap on web-pages
      • Benefits of using bootstrap
      • Grid system in bootstrap
      • Classes in bootstrap
      • How to create a table using bootstrap-class
      • How to create forms using bootstrap-class
      • What is a carousel in bootstrap
      • How to apply all of this to create one project.
Project Set-up:
      • Responsive project using Html, CSS ,JavaScript & bootstrap

Introduction to PHP


  • Basic Knowledge of websites
  • Introduction of Dynamic Website
  • Introduction to PHP
  • Why and Scope of PHP
  • XAMPP and WAMP Installation


PHP Programming Basics


  • Syntax of PHP
  • Embedding PHP in HTML
  • Embedding HTML in PHP
  • Why and Scope of PHP
  • Introduction to PHP Variable
  • Understanding Data Types
  • Using Operators
  • Writing Statements and Comments
  • Using Conditional Statements
  • If(), else if() and else if condition Statement
  • Switch() Statements
  • Using the while() Loop
  • Using the for() Loop


PHP Functions


  • PHP Functions
  • Creating an Array
  • Modifying Array Elements
  • Processing Arrays with Loops
  • Grouping Form Selections with Arrays
  • Using Array Functions
  • Using Predefined PHP Functions
  • Creating User-Defined


PHP Advanced Concepts


  • Reading and Writing Files
  • Reading Data from a File
  • Managing Sessions and Using Session Variables
  • Creating a Session & Registering Session Variables
  • Destroying a Session
  • Storing Data in Cookies
  • Setting Cookies
  • Dealing with Dates and Times
  • Executing External Programs


Introduction to Database

  • PHP Functions
  • Creating an Array
  • Modifying Array Elements
  • Processing Arrays with Loops
  • Grouping Form Selections with Arrays
  • Using Array Functions
  • Using Predefined PHP Functions
  • Creating User-Defined Functions


Working with MySQL Database & Tables

  • Creating MySQL Databases
  • Creating Tables
  • Selecting the Most Appropriate Data Type
  • Adding Field Modifiers and Keys
  • Selecting a Table Type
  • Understanding Database Normalization
  • Altering Table and Field Names
  • Altering Field Properties
  • Backing Up and Restoring
  • Databases and Tables
  • Dropping Databases and Table
  • Viewing Database, Table, and Field Information


SQL and Performing Queries

  • Inserting Records
  • Editing and Deleting Records
  • Performing Queries
  • Retrieving Specific Columns
  • Filtering Records with a WHERE Clause
  • Using Operators
  • Sorting Records and Eliminating Duplicates
  • Limiting Results Using Built-In Functions
  • Grouping Records Joining Tables
  • Using Table and Column Aliases


Working with PHP & MySQL

  • Managing Database Connections
  • Processing Result Sets
  • Queries Which Return Data
  • Queries That Alter Data
  • Handling Errors


Live PHP Project

  • Project Discussion
  • Requirements analysis of Project
  • Project code Execution
  • Project Testing


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Full-Stack Devloper
Read More
full stack web developer training was an excellent course for beginners who want to start learning PHP with MySQL. I learned many things like the fundamentals of PHP & MySQL here. how to use source code all these steps by step
PHP Developer
Read More
full stack web developer training is the best course to get started with full-stack web development. I just created a simple GitHub project for analyzing myself. I made something I wanted, understanding the concepts and typing along and commenting inside each code part on how that is working, and I found that so much easier.
Kuldeep Prajapati
Back-end Developer
Read More
full stack web developer training is a Great course for beginners who dont know anything about web development. They also can join this course; the lectures are excellent what is taught. Best PHP with MySQL course
Web Developer
Read More
Thank you, technovids, for this fantastic course "full stack web developer training". I like this PHP with MySQL course; I have been searching for this kind of course for a long time. If you want to start your life as a full-stack developer, you can create your career in this course.
full stack php developer
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I want to thank Technovids, who helped me get placed in a reputed company. Best institute for Full stack web developer online Courses in Bangalore. We got a lot of opportunities to gain knowledge from them. Technovids has well-experienced staff. They will guide us until we get placed—the best institute for getting 100% placement assistance.
full stack web developer
Read More
I got trained on the full stack web developer training by well-experienced trainers. It was one of the best experiences I had with any institute. Technovids team also helped me get placed.
PHP Developer
Read More
Technovids is an esteemed institution that bridges the gap between students and their dream careers job. It's an excellent place to learn the full stack web developer training. If you have joined technovids, you are in safe hands.
Full Stack PHP Developer
Read More
My friends and I were looking for a full stack web developer course, and finally, we found a course full stack web developer training offered by technovids. We took a demo for the course mentioned above and then eventually joined. We all are happy that we enrolled for the full stack web developer course at technovids. We got an end-to-end training needed. Also, they helped us hunt the suitable job opportunity for us.
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The most widespread server-side language amongst full-stack developers is PHP to run code for interactive sites.

We cover the PHP and other required topics as a part of full stack web developer training.

PHP is primarily focused on server-side scripting.

PHP is used for backend development. A  Canadian programmer Rasmus Lerdorf created PHP language in the year of 1994.

PHP is one of the backend languages known as the scripting language. When a PHP page is requested, the server parses the PHP code, which in most cases results in dynamically created HTML.

Through PHP, you can connect to and manipulate databases system. MySQL has been the most popular database system used with PHP for a longer time.

PHP is a platform for the backend. But PHP language is written to a server that interacts with the frontend or backend frameworks both.

There is no comparison between PHP and HTML. HTML is a markup language used for the front-end only, but PHP is also used for the back-end; PHP can interact with HTM.

Would you like to learn both and other required languages and then enroll in the full stack web developer training?

PHP is an open-source general-purpose scripting language suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML.

PHP is a language used to build the system of a website, but SQL is a query language that manages information in the database.

Yes, most people could create a web page with a single PHP file in a relatively short period of time.

Enroll for the full stack web developer training using PHP. This course covers all the essential topics you need to know as a full stack PHP developer.

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Become PHP Full Stack Web Developer with frontend and backend Technologies.

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