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Front End Web Development course

Front End Development course:


If your ultimate goal is to become a full-stack developer or a back-end developer, experienced developers recommend you master the front-end development first. You can quickly identify ways to make applications run more smoothly behind the scenes if you understand how the front end of websites is developed.


The front end development course covers the core of web development, including HTML, CSS, javascript, jquery & bootstrap. Most of the sessions are a mix of theory & hands-on sessions. So you can say that the front end is significant to understand before getting into the back end. 


Front end development courses can be opted by the freshers and the people looking to upskill in the front-end development. 

Front End Web Development Training using HTML, CSS and JavaScript
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The Front-end development course covers basics and advanced web development, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, and Bootstrap.

Who is Front End Development Course for?

No Coding or any other development experience is needed to learn the front end development course.
Anyone from any background can learn/enroll in the front end development course.


The only pre-requisite is the seriousness and focus on the learning.

What will you learn in front end development course?

The Front End Development course is the best course for starting their career as a front-end developer.


This Front End Development course will teach you HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and bootstrap with practical projects.


This course will help you create responsive websites, chrome extensions, write JavaScript code for website development, stylish webpages using CSS, and much more.

Why take Front End Development Course?

Front End Development course is designed for anyone who wants an entry as a web developer into the
IT or any other industry.


Front end development course helps you learn front-end web development from basics to advanced.


Your trainer will train you in all the practical exercises and projects. Every topic contains enough hands-on to make sure that you understand each & every subject.


You also get class recording access for revision purposes, which is always a plus.

Course Content
1. Introduction to Web technology:
  • What is a web?
  • What is a network?
  • What is the internet?
  • What is web development?
  • What is a browser?
  • What is a web server?
  • What is HTTP?
  • What is the use of HTTP?
  • What is HTML?
  • What is the website?
  • What is a web page?
  • Structure of Web
  • Definition of all the points
  • Install of Editors
  • How to write a program using editors
2.HTML-5 :
      • Structure of Html
      • What are tags?
      • Types of tags
      • Attributes
      • All tags attributes
      • How to apply all the attributes on web-pages
      • How to create a table in Html
      • Attributes of table
      • Example
List :
      • How to create a list
      • Attributes of list
      • Example
      • Attributes of audio/video-tag
      • How to create an audio page
      • How to create a video page
I-frame :
      • What is a nested web page?
      • How to create nested web-pages
      • Attributes of nested web-pages
      • How to define graphics in HTML
      • Attributes of SVG
Form :
      • What is form
      • How to create forms using HTML
      • How to create a log-in page
      • How to create a registration page using the form
      • Attributes of form
3. CSS-3 :
      • What is CSS?
      • What is the use of CSS?
      • Types of CSS
      • How to call CSS inside HTML pages
      • How to set background properties
      • Attributes for background
      • What is box-model in CSS
      • How to work with box-model
      • What is a selector?
      • Types of selector
      • How to apply selector
      • What are combinators?
      • Types of combinators
      • How it is related to selectors
Pseudo-class & Pseudo-elements:
      • What is pseudo-class?
      • What is pseudo-elements
      • Types of pseudo-class
      • Types of pseudo-elements
      • How to apply
Transition, Transform & Animation in CSS :
      • Applications of Transition, Transform & Animation
      • Use of Transition, Transform & Animation
      • Basic Project based on Transition, Transform & Animation.
4. Javascript :
      • What is JavaScript?
      • What is the difference between
      • Java & JavaScript
      • Application of JavaScript
      • Advantages & Disadvantages of JavaScript
      • Types of JavaScript
      • Datatypes in JavaScript
      • Looping Statement
      • Conditional Statement
Function & Arrays:
      • What is function
      • What is array
      • Types of function
      • Methods of array
String & Object :
      • What is string
      • Methods of string
      • What is object
      • How to create an object in js
Date & Math :
      • What is the date method
      • What is the math method
      • Methods of date & math
Collection in js :
      • What is collection
      • Types of collection
Advanced array methods in js
      • JavaScript Closure
      • DOM elements in JavaScript
      • JSON in JavaScript
      • Ajax in JavaScript
      • Canvas using JavaScript
Regular Expression in js:
      • What is the regular expression
      • How to create the dynamic form in js
5. jQuery:
1)Introduction and Syntax Overview
      • Introduction to jQuery
      • How to add jQuery to an HTML page? Using CDN or file
      • jQuery Syntax Overview.
      • jQuery selectors. How to use selectors
      • The Element Selector in jQuery
      • The Id Selector in jQuery
      • The Miscellaneous jQuery Selectors (
      • Element.class, element.nth-child)
2) Event Handling in jQuery
      • jQuery events triggering and types of events.
      • Trigger Mouse Events in jQuery
      • Keyboard events in jQuery
      • Form Events in jQuery
      • Document/Window Events in jQuery
      • jQuery on() and off() methods to handle events
3) jQuery Effects
      • hide(), side() and toggle() Methodds.
      • fadeIn(), fadeOut(), fadeToggle() and fadeTo() Methods
      • slideIn(), slideOut() and slideToggle() Methods
      • animate() method, add CSS animations properties using jQuery
      • stop(), clearQueue(), Finish() method
      • jQuery Method Chaining
4) jQuery HTML Methods
      • Get and set Content – text(), html() and val()
      • Get and set COntent – attr(), data() and prop()
      • jQuery add element – append(), prepend(), after() and before()
      • jQuery remove element – remove() and empty() methods
      • jQuery css classes – addClass(), removeClass() and toggleClass() methods
      • jQuery css() method – get and set css properties
      • jQuery Dimensions – get and set width and height
5. jQuery Traversing
      • WHat is Traversing?
      • jQuery Traversing – Ancestors
      • jQuery Traversing – Descendants
      • jQuery Traversing – Siblings
      • jQuery Traversing – Filtering
      • had() and is() methods
      • each() method
6. Events Objects: Properties & Methods
      • PageX, PageY and offset method
      • enent.type property
      • event.which property
      • property
      • event.preventDefault() and event.isDefaultPrevented() methods.
      • event.stopPropagation() and event.isPropagationsStopped()
      • property
7. jQuery-UI
      • What is jQuery UI?
      • Required files for jQuery UI
      • Adding online and offline references
8. Interaction: Draggable
      • Introduction to Draggable interaction
      • Restrict the draggable interaction
      • Cancel draggable interaction
      • Set Type, Position and Click-ability of Cursor
      • Pixels to move using Grid Property.
      • Return to the Original Position using Revert Property
      • Add a helper for draggable element
      • Magnetic effect using snap property
      • Other properties
      • Managing the events of draggable.
9. Interaction: Droppable
      • Introduction to Droppable
      • Decide Which Draggable Element To Be Accepted.
      • Decide when an Element is to be Considered as Dropped
      • Decide which Nested
      • Droppable Element to Accept Dropped Element
      • Manage the look of the droppable based on the draggable
      • Decide whether to revert back or not when miss match
      • Manage events in Droppable
10) Interaction : Resizeable
      • Introduction to Resizeable
      • Where to drag to resize?
      • Synchronize method
      • Ghost and Helper Methods
      • Restrict Resizable
      • Maintain aspect ratio of resizable
      • Animate resizing
      • Manage Events
11) Selectable
      • Introduction to selectable
      • Filter Selectable and Non-Selectable
12) Sortable
      • Introduction to sortable
      • Replace the white space using a placeholder option
      • Connect between Sortable
        Make some items sortable
13) Accordion
      • Introduction to Accordion
      • Allow to Collapse All Panels
      • Decide which Panel to be Display the content
      • Set the Height of the Content Panels
      • Change the Default Icons in Accordion
14) Tab
      • Introduction to Tabs Widget
      • Animate Hiding and showing of Panels
      • Miscellaneous Options
15) Autocomplete
      • Introduction to autocomplete
      • Select One and Display Another
      • Some autocomplete options
        Position options in autocomplete
      • Manage Events
16) Dialog
      • Introduction to Dialog Widget
      • Show and hide effects
      • Set the size and position of the dialog box
      • Change Default Functionalities
      • Add Modal Behavior
      • Add Buttons to the Dialog
      • Manage Events
      • Different methods
17) Datepicker
      • Introduction to Datepicker
      • Make Dates in a Range Selectable
      • Make weekends/weekdays non-selectable
      • Make Specific Dates Non-Selectable
      • Holiday concept in date-picker
        Style Holidays in your Calendar
      • Animate field and alternate text
      • Show a date picker in different ways.
      • Change default date picker options
      • Change the language of the date picker
      • Control Datepicker Programmatically
18) Progress Bar
      • Introduction to Progress Bar
      • Customize the progress bar
      • Change the value of the progress bar programmatically
19) Slider
      • Introductions to the slider
      • Change event in slider
      • Range Slider
      • Other Options
      • Manage Events
20) Menu
      • Introduction to the Menu
      • Change icons of the menu
      • Divider & items option.
      • Manage events
21) Tooltip
      • Introduction to tooltip
      • Show & hide effects for tooltip
      • Position of the tooltip
      • Customize the look of the tooltip
      • Customize the content of the tooltip
      • Events and Methods
22) Spinner
      • Introduction to the Spinner
      • Methods of the Spinner
23) Other Widgets
      • Button Widget
      • Checkbox Radio
      • Select menu widget
      • Control group
24) Effects
      • Effect method
      • The show and hide method
6. Bootstrap:
      • What is bootstrap
      • How to apply bootstrap on web-pages
      • Benefits of using bootstrap
      • Grid system in bootstrap
      • Classes in bootstrap
      • How to create a table using bootstrap-class
      • How to create forms using bootstrap-class
      • What is a carousel in bootstrap
      • How to apply all of this to create one project.
Project Set-up:
      • Responsive project using Html, CSS ,JavaScript & bootstrap


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Student's Reviews
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I have done the front end development course from Technovids. Technovids has high-quality trainers with good experience.
Kiran reddy
Selenum Tester
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I have completed the front end development workshop training from technovids. The faculties are excellent and helpful in every aspect. I am satisfied with the training provided. The courses are comprehensive to IT standards, providing good exposure to the tool. I would recommend this institute to all for all your training needs.
Software Administrator
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I have done a front end development course from technovids. I realized that it is one of the best training institutes that provide; hands-on experience with good exposure to the assessments.
Read More
I joined the front end development course. Trainers are good, and even they provide satisfactory assistance. Overall I am satisfied with the training as I got what I needed in a budget total.
Srinivas Murthy
Read More
Hi everyone, I am very much satisfied with the training from technovids. After completing my front end development training, I am confident about the tools taught. I suggest that new beginners join this institute as they provide the correct, knowledgeable course with experience trainers, especially for web development, data analytics, data science, etc.
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A front-end developer should know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. Also knowing Jquery would be good. 


In the front end development course, we cover all the above-mentioned.

The front end is not difficult; students feel it difficult because the entry into the world of programming through the front end, all these things are new, so they feel challenging, but after a few weeks, it will become a normal task for them.


Inquire more about the front end development course offered by technovids.

A front-end developer is responsible for creating the web pages/web application to interact with the end-user. Front-end developers are also responsible for the UI/UX.

Frontend web development is more complex than backend because it changes more often, and the results take longer. A front-end developer should keep himself updated with the latest trend.


Would you like to inquire about the front end development course?

Every day you have to practice & you have to gain a strong knowledge of HTML, CSS & JavaScript. If you dont know these, you can join our front end development course.

A frontend web engineer is responsible for implementing visual elements that users see and interact with within a web application using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap, React, Angular, etc.

Yes, a front-end developer is a good career choice.

Yes, Front-end developers need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.

Yes, Web Developers can work from home—most of the web developers are still now doing work from home because of the corona.

Front end development course is now the best tech career to have. Front-end Web developer employment to grow 20-30% over the next decade.

Technovids team will help you with the job assistance. We provide 100% placement assistance to all of our students.

There is no specific eligibility for doing the front end development course. Knowing any programming can be an added advantage.

Yes, after completing the front-end web development course team will help students with the interview preparations.

We do have the offers for the group enrollments.

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