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Angular Development Training Course

This comprehensive program is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to become a proficient Angular developer. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, this course will provide you with a solid foundation and advanced techniques to build dynamic web applications using the Angular framework.

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7 Months

Learning format

Self Paced and Classrooms

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About the Angular Training Course

Our Angular Training Course is carefully crafted to cover all aspects of Angular development. From understanding the basics to exploring advanced concepts, you will learn how to create scalable and interactive web applications using Angular. Through a combination of theory, hands-on exercises, and real-world projects, you will gain practical experience and the confidence to take on Angular development projects.

Who Should Enroll in the Angular Training Course

  • Web Developers: Developers looking to enhance their web development skills and learn the popular Angular framework.
  • Frontend Developers: Frontend developers who want to expand their skill set and build dynamic, interactive web applications.
  • JavaScript Developers: JavaScript developers who want to explore advanced concepts and best practices in Angular development.
  • Students and Graduates: Students and recent graduates pursuing a career in web development or software engineering.
  • Professionals Seeking Career Switch: Professionals from other domains looking to switch to web development and gain expertise in Angular.

Topics Covered in the Angular Training Course

  • Introduction to Angular and its key features
  • TypeScript fundamentals for Angular development
  • Building components and templates in Angular
  • Data binding and event handling in Angular
  • Angular forms and validation techniques
  • Routing and navigation in Angular applications
  • Working with Angular services and dependency injection
  • HTTP communication and RESTful API integration
  • State management with RxJS and NgRx
  • Testing Angular applications
  • Deployment and optimization of Angular applications

Why Should You Enroll in the Angular Training Course

  • Comprehensive Learning: The course covers all aspects of Angular development, from fundamentals to advanced techniques, providing you with a well-rounded understanding of the framework.
  • Practical Projects: You will work on real-world projects and practical exercises, allowing you to apply your knowledge in a hands-on manner and build a strong portfolio.
  • Experienced Instructors: Our instructors have extensive experience in Angular development and will guide you through the course, providing valuable insights and best practices.
  • Career Advancement: Angular is widely used in the industry, and by mastering this framework, you enhance your career prospects and open doors to exciting job opportunities.
  • Ongoing Support: You will have access to a dedicated support team and a community of learners, ensuring that you receive assistance and guidance throughout your learning journey.

Key Highlights

Comprehensive Curriculum
Continuous Assessment and Feedback
Ongoing support and resources
Measurable Outcomes

Course overview

Term 1
  • Module 1: Introduction to Angular
  • Module 2: TypeScript Fundamentals
  • Module 3: Components and Templates
  • Module 4: Data Binding and Event Handling
Term 2
  • Module 5: Angular Forms and Validation
  • Module 6: Routing and Navigation
  • Module 7: Angular Services and Dependency Injection
  • Module 8: HTTP Communication and API Integration
Term 3
  • Module 9: State Management with RxJS and NgRx
  • Module 10: Testing Angular Applications
  • Module 11: Deployment and Optimization
  • Module 12: Final Project and Portfolio Development
Key details
This course includes

Course Content

  • Introduction to Angular framework and its advantages
  • Setting up an Angular development environment
  • Angular project structure and file organization
  • Angular CLI and its features
  • Introduction to TypeScript and its role in Angular
  • TypeScript data types, variables, and functions
  • Classes, interfaces, and inheritance in TypeScript
  • TypeScript modules and namespaces
  • Understanding components and their role in Angular
  • Creating and using components in Angular applications
  • Angular templates and data binding
  • Interpolation, property binding, and event binding
  • Two-way data binding in Angular
  • Event handling and event emitters
  • Attribute directives and custom directives
  • Angular lifecycle hooks
  • Building template-driven forms in Angular
  • Form controls, form groups, and form arrays
  • Form validation and error handling
  • Reactive forms in Angular
  • Introduction to Angular routing and its benefits
  • Configuring routes and route parameters
  • Route guards for authentication and authorization
  • Lazy loading and nested routing
  • Understanding Angular services and their role
  • Dependency injection and its importance in Angular
  • Creating and using services in Angular applications
  • Singleton services and service hierarchies
  • Making HTTP requests with Angular’s HttpClient module
  • Sending GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE requests
  • Handling responses and error handling
  • Integrating external RESTful APIs in Angular applications
  • Introduction to reactive programming with RxJS
  • Managing application state using observables and subjects
  • Implementing state management with NgRx
  • Working with actions, reducers, and effects
  • Introduction to Angular testing and its importance
  • Writing unit tests for Angular components and services
  • Testing Angular forms and validation
  • End-to-end testing with Angular’s testing utilities
  • Optimizing Angular applications for performance
  • Ahead-of-Time (AOT) compilation
  • Bundling and minification for production
  • Deploying Angular applications to hosting platforms
  • Applying the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the course
  • Building a complete Angular application
  • Showcasing the project in a portfolio
  • Reviewing and refining the project based on feedback

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Career Opportunities after Completing the Angular Training Course

After completing the Angular Training Course, you will have gained valuable skills and knowledge in Angular development, positioning you for various career opportunities in the web development industry. Here are some potential career paths you can pursue:

  1. Angular Developer: With expertise in Angular, you can work as a dedicated Angular developer, building robust web applications using the framework. You will be responsible for implementing user interfaces, managing data flow, and ensuring seamless functionality.

  2. Frontend Developer: As an Angular-trained frontend developer, you can contribute to the development of user-facing features and components in web applications. You will leverage your knowledge of Angular to create engaging and interactive user interfaces.

  3. Full Stack Developer: The MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, Node.js) stack is highly popular, and with Angular skills, you can become a valuable asset as a full stack developer. You will have the ability to work on both the frontend and backend aspects of web application development.

  4. UI/UX Developer: Angular’s powerful frontend capabilities make it ideal for creating intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces. With your Angular expertise, you can specialize in UI/UX development, focusing on creating seamless user experiences.

  5. Web Application Developer: Many organizations rely on web applications to serve their customers, and as an Angular-trained developer, you can contribute to the development and maintenance of such applications. You will work on designing, implementing, and optimizing web applications using Angular.

  6. Angular Consultant: As an expert in Angular, you can offer consulting services to organizations seeking guidance on Angular implementation and best practices. You will provide valuable insights, offer solutions, and help clients optimize their Angular projects.

  7. Freelance Developer: With your Angular skills, you can work as a freelance developer, taking on projects from clients who require Angular expertise. Freelancing offers flexibility and the opportunity to work on diverse projects and gain experience across different industries.

  8. Entrepreneur: Armed with Angular knowledge, you can even venture into entrepreneurship and start your own web development company or consultancy. You can leverage your skills to build innovative web applications or offer Angular-related services to clients.

These are just a few examples of the many career opportunities available after completing the Angular Training Course. The demand for Angular developers continues to grow, and with continuous learning and practical experience, you can advance your career and contribute to exciting web development projects.

Reviews and Testimonials

Sunil Full-Stack Web Developer

I worked as a CAD Designer for almost three years before joining Technovids. Coming from a Mechanical Engineering field, I wondered if I could learn MEAN stack Online Training and get a job. After a few weeks into the course, all my doubts were cleared, and I gained the confidence that I could learn and get a job. Thanks, technovids

Kamal Ansari Web-Developer

I joined Technovids to change my career from the Teaching field to the IT field and was confused at first, but this is one of the best decisions I made in my life to join Technovids & to learn the MEAN stack online training.

Neha Rajan Full Stack Developer

I joined technovids to learn the MEAN Stack Online Training. I am happy with this course because I go to my job after learning from here. Thanks, tecnovids

Viny Mohapatra Front-end Developer

No other institute can teach Mean stack Online training better than technovids, quality content with the quality lecture. This course can completely change your professional life.

Frequently asked questions

A: Yes, a basic understanding of JavaScript is recommended as Angular is built on JavaScript. However, we do provide a refresher on JavaScript fundamentals at the beginning of the course to ensure a smooth learning experience.

A: You will need a computer with a modern web browser, a text editor, and Node.js installed. Additionally, we will guide you through the process of setting up Angular and its development environment.

 A: Yes, this course is suitable for beginners who are new to web development. We start with the basics and gradually progress to advanced topics, providing a comprehensive learning experience.

 A: Absolutely! This course covers both fundamental and advanced concepts of Angular, making it suitable for developers who want to enhance their skills and stay updated with the latest Angular features.

 A: Yes, upon successful completion of the course and meeting the necessary requirements, you will receive a certificate of completion. This certificate validates your skills and can be a valuable addition to your professional portfolio.

A: Yes, our experienced instructors will provide support and guidance throughout the course. You will have opportunities to ask questions, participate in discussions, and receive feedback on your projects. Our instructors are dedicated to helping you succeed in your learning journey.

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Student's Reviews
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Ajay Kumar
Web Developer
Read More
After completing my JavaScript, I searched for Angular JS Framework, So I requested a demo to TechnoVids. After taking the demo training, I registered for Technovids Online Angulardevelopment online training. Technovids Provided next level, Angular Classes, in this training! Awesome! Unbelievable experience.
Mukesh Chatterjee
Front End Developer
Read More
If you want to learn Angular development online training, then Technovids is the right place for this training, Mock test, Training, and Demo Exam. They taught everything connected to Angular. Super Course
Ramesh Roy
Read More
Technovids Angular development online training is good, but it's also a good package for front-end developers. Within a month, you will become a master of Angular.
Web Developer
Read More
I learn many things from this angular development online training. Before completing this course, I faced issues with creating a responsive website; Now, I can create a good website with the help of Angular. Credit goes to Technovids.
Angular JS Developer
Read More
This is the best place to learn Angular & Get trained by well-experienced trainers. The overall Angular Development online training was full of practicals, also got job support from the technovids team.
Full Stack Developer
Read More
I did the Angular Development online training from technovids. I am happy with the training & support received.
Full Stack Developer
Read More
Technovids is the best place to learn web development training. I did the angular development online training, which many of my friends referred to as the overall training experience was incredible.
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Angular is a javascript framework we can create web pages using HTML and TypeScript. It implements core and optional functionality as a set of TypeScript libraries that you import into your applications.

No, You can’t use Angular JS for the backend as a framework!

First, You Need to Know JavaScript the fundamentals of JavaScript. Technovids doesn’t recommend that you learn Angular without a basic understanding of JavaScript.

Typical Angular application executes in the browser, rendering pages in the DOM in response to user actions. Angular Universal runs on the server, generating static application pages that later get bootstrapped on the client.

Angular is a JavaScript-based free and open-source web application framework.

Angular is better than React, but your application is enterprise-grade, and you need to incorporate complex functionalities like progressive, single-page, and native web apps. However, React specializes in creating UI components and can be used in any application, including single-page apps.

Firebase hosting is the best server for Angular.

Deploy your Angular project on localhost, Firebase, and Github pages for free.

A selector is one of the object’s properties that one can use with component configuration. A selector is used to identify each component uniquely into the component tree, and it also defines how the current part is represented in the HTML DOM.

HTML has Angular brackets, and also “ng” sounds like “Angular.” Because Angular JS can be written inside the angle brackets of HTML, that is why it is known as Angular JS. Show activity on this post.

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