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Android App Development Course:

I am sure you know what Android is; In the present scenario, Android OS is the market leader in the Mobile Operating System space. Android has changed how people search/seek a product or service. You can call it a paradigm shift. Android is the market leader; it also comes with many features suitable for all kinds of mobile and tablet devices. Here at the Android App Development course, you will learn the android app development from the basics to the advanced. The Android app development course will help you write a simple GUI application and use built-in widgets and components. You also learn to work with databases for local data storage and more.


In accordance with payscale, an Android developer typically earns an average salary of Rs. 4,00,000 per year. With Android on the rise and almost every industry in India using Android apps, it is a career choice for 2022.

Beginners can expect to spend sometime around 6 months to one year to have a good understanding and start with android development projects.

There are many challenges that an Android developer faces because using Android applications is very easy but developing and designing them is pretty tough

Android Development
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The Android App development course can help you advance your skills. The Android App development course covers end-to-end app development by industry experts. Start Courses Today. 

Who is Android App Development course for?

Android is one of the highest demanding mobile operating systems, and learning Android can give you extra mileage. 

Understanding Android App Development is easy. The Android app development course is designed to help you learn android app development from the basics to the advanced. Anyone with JavaScript knowledge can go with the Android App Development course. Also, people from various backgrounds can learn the Android App Development course. 


  • Freshers/Graduates/ Software Testers can learn the Android App development course.
  • Anyone interested in Mobile Technologies can learn the android app development course.
  • Non-programming, Manual testers interested in learning Automation can also go with the android app development course.
What will you learn in Android App Development Course?

As the core java is the programming language used to code android apps, we start the Android App Development course with Complete core java & basic SQL training.


You can develop any android application you can imagine. Here at Android App Development Course, you learn the complete lifecycle of the android app development process, including the design, development, modification & debug. Android App Development course will train you to the level of a professional android developer work. Android app development course will help you join a job as an android app developer. Also, you can do freelancing and can handle the android app development projects. The Android app development course will open a variety of opportunities for you. It would help if you chose the one best suitable for you.

Why take Android App Development Course?

Android contributes the most significant portion of the mobile application segment. Android has over 72% market share, and most of the big brands are manufacturing android mobile.


Android applications can be developed on a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer.


So learning Android App development will help you make your career in the app development sector, Android app development course will cover Java, a fantastic language to learn, allowing you to make apps for PC, Mac, the web, and Android.

Course Content for Android App Development course

1. Android Introduction
2. Android OS Versions
3. API Level
4. Java Introduction
5. Kotlin Introduction
6. Difference between Java and JavaScript
7. Java Variables
8. Java Data Types
9. Android Application Components
10. Android Types Of Intents
11. About Resource File
12. Android View And ViewFroup Classes
13. Android Sub And Super Class
14. Bundle Class
15. Android Manifest File
16. What is the framework
17. Android Project Structure
18. Activity Life Cycle (Example)
19.Intent Class – Connecting Activities
20. Intent Class – Sending Data Between Activities(Bundle)
21.Java Static Keyword
22. Toast Message
23. Snackbar
24. Phone Call
25. Launch External URL
26. Android Types of Layout
27. Linear Layout Example
28. Equally Distribute Widgets
29. Relative Layout Example
30. Example of Table Layout (UI Example)
31.CardView Example
32. Nested Scroll View
33. Webview
34. Swipe Refresh Layout
35. Shared preferences
36. Add Border To Widgets
37. Add One Side Border To widgets
38. Rounded Corner Widget
40. Custom Fonts
41. Density Independent Pixel, Scale Independent Pixel
42. Dynamic Resources String, Integer, Array, dimens, colors, styles
43. Define Style
44. Types Of Images
45.ImageView, Imagebutton
46. Circular Image View Library
47. Picasso And Glide Library
48. Free Graphics Sites
49. Online Image EditingTool (For App Icon Creation & Other Graphics)
50. Generate App Icon
51. Create Vector Assets
52. Refractor Benefit
53. Click Listeners Methods
54.Simple ListView + adapter
55.ViewPager + Fragments + Tabs
56. Options Menu
57. Navigation Drawer
59. Floating Action Button
60.SQLite (Crud Operation – Create Update View Delete)
61. Web Service API
63. Manifest orientation settings
64. Generate Debug & Release AP


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Android Developer
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Technovids is one of the best Training institutes for Android App Development Course in Bangalore. I took an Android App Development course. It is three months course. Trainers are good, and we can ask them any doubt any time. They will also conduct a mock interview test after completing the course.
Sameer Rajput
Android Developer
Read More
I have completed my Android App Development Course in Technovids and got placed in an MNC. Thanks to Technovids for providing me with this opportunity. Best place to learn Android App Development course with better job assistance than other Training centers.
Shubham Mukherjee
Android Developer
Read More
Excellent institute to start learning Android App Development Course. It starts from basics to advance level. The trainer is very calm, friendly, knowledgeable, and has expertise in android. He focuses on concepts more. The Course Coordinator, Zoya, is a fantastic person, always understanding and guiding for the best.
Sonali Sharma
Android Developer
Read More
I am not a computer science student, it is hard to get a job in Android development, but Technovids made it easy. I thank technovids for giving me such an opportunity, and I got the job in the period of one and half months of the training period. It is a great institution to gain knowledge. strongly recommended for Android App development course.
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Android applications are straightforward, but developing and designing them is pretty tough. There is so much complexity involved in the development of Android applications.

Building an android application need a deep knowledge of programming languages and design. When approaching a new technology often helps break it down into pieces.

By 2024 Over 135 thousand new job opportunities in Android app development will be available. Since Android is on the rise and almost every industry in India uses Android apps, it is a great career choice for 2022-24.

You can develop an Android app using Python.

SDK means software development kit, whereas JDK means Java development kit. SDK is a development tool used to create an application or a program on any platform. Still, JDK is a set of development tools that allows a programmer to write a program using java language.

An Android activity goes through six major lifecycle stages or callbacks. These are: onCreate() , onStart() , onResume() , onPause() , onStop() , and onDestroy() .

Developers skilled in Android and web development would have the highest demand overall.

JDK is a superset of JRE and contains everything in JRE. JRE provides the libraries, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and other components to run applets and applications written in the Java programming language.

Coding jobs are in demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that IT employment will grow 15% between 2022 and 2030, faster than the average projected growth rate across all occupations (9%).

Undoubtedly, Android developers will have the upper hand and a bright future.

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